Does Ichiro Belong in Seattle?

Shanan H.Analyst INovember 26, 2008

Should Ichiro be in Seattle?

Maybe not.

The Mariners stunk in '08.  Ichiro got a huge contract last year that keeps him in Seattle for many years.  I believe he is well past his prime.

George Sisler had 257 hits in 1920.  That record stood until September of 2004, when Seattle's Japanese import hit his 257th.  He had won MVP and Rookie of the Year just three years before.  Pitchers couldn't strike him out, and he was almost a guaranteed hit.

Well, that guarantee seems to have run out.

There are a couple of teams that could use Ichiro's skill, but the front-runner in my opinion is the Cubs.  Should the Mariners try to trade their skilled leadoff hitter, they most likely won't be getting big name Cubs, such as Rich Harden, Derrek Lee, or Alfonso Soriano.  They will have to settle for prospects.

But for a team that needs desperately to rebuild, that's not that bad.

Trading Ichiro to the Yankees would be a mistake.  The Yanks don't have the type of prospects in their farm system that would make the trade worthwhile.

It's up to you.  Where does Ichiro belong?