Andy Reid Should Be Fired Following Dismal Loss to New York Giants

WesAnalyst ISeptember 25, 2011

You're out of time Andy.
You're out of time Andy.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Andy Reid has coached his fair share of bad games during his 12-plus years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sunday's 29-16 loss to the New York Giants was one of the worst as he went up against a depleted Giants roster, and yet still got exposed.

The sad part for Eagles fans is they have seen this before. They are incapable of converting short-yardage situations, especially at the goal line.

Some may think this is a snap-judgement following an ugly loss, but the truth is this game was the tipping point, which has been building.

Let's look at Sunday's debacle in chronological order and point out each error.

At the end of the first quarter Philadelphia had the ball on their own 20, trailed 14-0 and things looked bleak at best.

LeSean McCoy and Ronnie Brown spearheaded a drive, which included 10 runs against two passes as the Eagles marched down to the Giants' two-yard line. The drive stalled as Reid decided to suddenly throw the ball twice and settle for a field goal.

The error was a sign of things to come.

The Eagles found themselves inside the Giants' five-yard line, trailing 14-13 in the third quarter and the opportunity to significantly turn the momentum in their favor.

What does Reid do?

Well he decides to let Owen Schmitt run the ball twice and have Vick attempt a sneak twice. Once of Vick's dives didn't count because of an offside, but Reid's intent was clear.

Where do you even start with it?

Is it okay to mention Schmitt has two career touchdowns or should I mention the unnecessary hits Vick was exposed to? Only Reid would put those players in that type of position to fail.

Ronnie Brown was nowhere to be found. There was no thought to use a play-action fake. And Reid must have forgot about getting Vick on the perimeter where his speed is more valuable than his ability to push the line of scrimmage on a QB sneak.

It was okay though, because the Eagles finally regained the lead at 16-14.

And then it happened.

With the Eagles holding a slim two-point advantage Reid decided to roll the dice and go for it on fourth down on the Giants' 43 instead of attempting to pin Eli and his offense inside their own 20.

Did Reid forget the Giants didn't score any points since the first quarter? Did he think it would be wise to give the Giants all of the momentum?

Everything fell apart when McCoy didn't even come close to picking up the fourth-and-one. All of the errors finally caught up to the Eagles and a blowout ensued.

Spare everyone the talk about Reid winning games because he doesn't win championships. And when you do stuff like this he's not going to win one no matter how much talent he has.