UFC 135 Results: 5 Reasons Jon Jones the Most Complete Fighter in MMA

Adam OsterkampContributor IIISeptember 25, 2011

UFC 135 Results: 5 Reasons Jon Jones the Most Complete Fighter in MMA

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    Last night at UFC 135, Jon Jones surely silenced many of his critics when he defeated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

    There are, however, always going to be people who claim that a champion isn’t all that he’s made up to be. He’s all hype or he has no skill; just a physical advantage, they'll say.  Or maybe he hasn’t faced any real opponents. There are many, many reasons people will come up with.

    Whatever those reasons might end up being, here are five reasons Jon Jones is the most complete fighter in MMA today.

Take Down Defense

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    According to UFC’s official website, Jon Jones has avoided 100 percent of his opponents' take down attempts. That is stunning.

    Jones has brought several of his fights to the ground and imposed his will upon his competition. Bringing him to the ground might just be a mistake for whoever eventually gets him there.

    Jones size and speed are a big part of what makes him so successful at avoiding the take down. It's going to take one quick wrestler to get Jones to the ground.

Size/Reach Advantage

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    Jones has the longest reach out of any weight class in UFC history. His height and reach make him a formidable opponent for any fighter.

    Jones doesn’t rely solely on his size to win his fights, however.

    It’s his unique physical stature, combined with his incredible skill, that make his size and reach such a dominant part of his superior fighting.

Ground Game

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    Once Jones has an opponent down, he is excellent at destroying them with all kinds of strikes. Jones has been successful, with 20 of his 31 take down attempts inside the UFC.

    One of the first times we truly saw what Jones was capable of while in his opponents' guard was when he fought Brandon Vera.

    Jones landed an absolutely devastating elbow that ended up leaving Vera in need of reconstructive surgery.

    Jones' long legs and reach are a huge part of what makes him so dominant on the ground.


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    Jones has landed 52 percent of the strikes he has thrown while avoiding 67 percent of the strikes his opponents attempted.

    Jones’ fight with “Rampage” Jackson showcased how precise Jones could be with his striking. Jones landed several nasty kicks to Jackson’s knee, which certainly slowed Rampage down.

    Jones is an incredibly smart fighter and absolutely knows how to combine his size and reach with some elite level striking.


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    Jones has an incredibly calm demeanor in his fights that allows him to follow through with his game plan and adapt it to fit his opponents in the heat of the battle.

    It is his mind that truly makes Jones one of the most complete fighter in MMA. At only 24, Jones still has a lot of time to develop himself as a fighter and as a man.

    While he is amazing at making a game plan and following through with it, Jones is smart enough to never let his idea of how the fight should go catch him up while in battle.

    Jones is an extremely adaptable fighter and wonderfully talented. He will be champion for a while.