Jaguars vs. Panthers & the 5 Worst Weather Games in NFL History

Jon Dove@!/Jon_Dove42Contributor ISeptember 25, 2011

Jaguars vs. Panthers & the 5 Worst Weather Games in NFL History

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    The NFL is unlike many other sports in that the weather plays a major role. Throughout the history of the league, there have been a ton of games impacted by terrible weather. The only weather event that would cancel an NFL game is a lightning storm, though some games have been postponed due to the anticipation of bad weather.

    NFL teams have played through blizzards, heavy rains and bitter cold. Today the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers are dealing with extreme rain. Being dubbed the "Monsoon Bowl," it has resulted in a very sloppy game.

    The following slides will reveal some of the worst weather games in NFL history. I am sure there are a ton of people out there who vividly remember these games.

NFL Worst Weather Games: No. 5 1975 AFC Championship Game

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    This game featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Oakland Raiders was played in bone-chilling cold. The low temperature caused the field turf to freeze, causing some dangerous conditions. Not only were the teams playing low temperatures, but they were also facing the hard turf.

    Football players face enough issues having their heads slammed on grass, but an icy turf is a whole other story. The field was not only a health concern, but something that limited mobility. This game will always be remembered for the weather conditions.

NFL Worst Weather Games: No. 4 2001 AFC Divisional Game

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    In 2001, the Oakland Raiders traveled to New England to face the Patriots. Prior to the game, a ton of snow was dumped on the stadium. The snow actually continued through the game, making the conditions nearly unplayable.

    This game is one to remember, as it was where a new rule was created. The "tuck rule" came about because of the results of this weather event.

NFL Worst Weather Games: No. 3 1981 AFC Championship Game

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    It may be hard to believe, but the Cincinnati Bengals were once in a Super Bowl. They were able to outlast the Chargers and a windchill of 59 degrees below zero. In this instance, the weather conditions gave the Bengals an advantage.

    The Chargers are from sunny California and not use to dealing with such frigid temperatures. Aside from the temperature differential, the weather limited the pass-happy Chargers attack.

NFL Worst Weather Games: No. 2 1967 NFL Championship Game

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    Before the Super Bowl was put into place, teams played in the NFL Championship Game. The Green Bay Packers were frequent participants in the NFL Championship Game. However, their 1967 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys is remembered for the brutal temperatures.

    The game was dubbed the "Ice Bowl" and one of the coldest football games ever played. The temperatures matched the on the field play, tough and fierce.

NFL Worst Weather Games: No 1 1988 NFC Divisional Game, "The Fog Bowl"

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    A lot of the games on the list feature extreme cold situations. However, the worst weather game featured heavy fog. The "Fog Bowl" is one of the most interesting games ever played because the players couldn't see the entire field.

    The players have said that they were unable to see more than 10 yards ahead of them. The announcers were able able to see the field from the press box. What makes this game more interesting was that it had big-time playoff implications.