Weis Needs More Time

Tony BishopCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

We used to be a school with 10-year coaches.

We used to be a school that allowed its coaches to develop a program and not just a team.

We're no longer that school.

Because of the hastiness (necessary or not, I don't care) of the firings of Bob Davie and Ty Willingham, Charlie isn't being given the chance to find this school's new identity.

This isn't a one year problem.  This is a five year problem or  a 10 year problem.

It's like the government.  President-elect Barak Obama isn't going to fix the economy in one congressional session.  It takes years of dedication to one plan before that plan.

It's like baking a cake.  Charlie has the ingredients.  He's mixing them together, trying to get the combinations just right.  But if you try to eat it before he's finished, the cake is going to taste awful.

Now I'm not guaranteeing that Charlie is a gourmet chef.  I'm not saying he's going to win seven National Championships.

But don't we owe to him and to ourselves to taste the final product? 

I know we got our cakes burned by two coaches in a row.  I know we expected more from Charlie than he's given us so far.  It's hard, but we need patience.

I'm definitely against firing Charlie right now.  I really believe it will be counterproductive for what we hope to see in our stadium.

Firing Charlie nullifies all of the talent he has built up in the last four years and potentially sets us back all the way to Willingham's last year.

Remember last year when we were 3-9?  I do.  I remember most of us being happy with a 6-6 or 7-5 record.  I remember most of us asking mostly for improvement, not ridiculous success.

Before going out and putting a "For Sale" sign on Charlie's lawn...remember how we were improving at the beginning of the year.  The team showed it can improve and play quite well.  Give them a chance to improve on that.

Give them a chance to gain a Notre Dame identity.