College Football Pick'em Week 13 Results

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst INovember 26, 2008

All right, so some of the big games on last weekend's schedule did not exactly turn out the way we wanted them to. Mainly they turned out to be blowouts. That happens sometimes in college football.

However, what is important is the stellar record I put up last week while picking games. I have to say it is something to be proud of.

Oklahoma 65 vs. Texas Tech 21

I won’t lie—I have been waiting for this one all year, because I have always been skeptical about Texas Tech, but when I’ve gone against them I have gotten burned badly. However, if you stick to your guns long enough, good things happen.

The spread favored Oklahoma by seven points. I said take the Sooners, with the points and the over. If you listened to me, you covered on all grounds—big win.

Penn State 49 vs. Michigan State 18

This game decided the winner of the Big Ten and who would travel west to represent the conference in the Rose Bowl. This really was not much of a contest as Penn State ran away from the start, and the only real question left on the day was how much PSU would win by. There was a hefty 14-point spread on this one, but Penn State covered the spread and got the win.

Utah 48 vs. BYU 24

BYU had one goal on the season: perfection. Well, they blew that goal back in September with a loss to TCU. That put them in the spoiler position, and what better way to become the ultimate spoiler than beating cross-state rival Utah in the Holy War?

The spread had Utah favored by seven points, and apparently Vegas knew something I did not know, because Utah rolled to the easy victory, covering the spread.

Cincinnati 28 vs. Pittsburgh 21

The Cincinnati Bearcats are going to a BCS game and appear to be Big East champions. Now that is something that I never thought I would say. They did it by knocking off rival Pitt, and in doing so they covered the five-point spread. Well done.

Florida State 37 vs. Maryland 3

Maryland had a chance to stake a claim to a trip to the ACC title game. However, FSU came in and just smacked them in their own backyard.

The spread actually had Maryland favored by a point—not really sure what the oddsmakers were thinking with that one. Guess they only watched two Maryland games this season. Florida State came out and took care of business by winning the game and covering the spread.

Ohio State 42 vs. Michigan 7

Keep your chin up, Michigan fans: Better days are ahead. They have to be. This season was a complete disaster, and you can point the finger at just about everyone associated with the program.

Ohio State is likely out of a BCS game and had little to play for this season other than smacking Michigan, and that’s exactly what they went out and did. The spread had Ohio State by 21, and they ran away with that like it was nothing.