Miguel Cotto Vs. Michael Jennings: For Vacant WBO Welterweight Title

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

Miguel Cotto will be returning to the ring February '09 after suffering his fist lost by TKO to reigning champion Antonio Margirito.  Many were in question to who would be Cotto's next opponent after the defeat, and now that question may be answered.

After coming up short to a rematch with Antonio Margirito, Cotto had to seek other opponents.  The question is who?  Was it going to be an opponent that was going to attract star points and big money?  Or would they pick a fighter that is considered a safe opponent and confidence booster?

Either way because of his status and background it couldn't be a meaningless battle it needs to be someone that can build confidence, and recognition.

Cotto's camp is jumping on the opportunity that Miguel Cotto still has a big name and fan base even thou he lost his title. They’re going after the vacant WBO Welterweight title that was vacated by former champion Paul Williams.  This will give the former champion Cotto the chance to become a champion and build the self-esteem he may have lost from his last time in the ring.

Michael Jennings fighting out of Chorley, England has a record of 34 wins and one loss.  He never fought in the United States and it hasn't been said were the fight will take place if negotiations go threw.  Jennings is a former welterweight champion himself, but of a less notable title.  He feels he has a great chance of defeating Cotto and becoming a known fighter in the states.

He went on to comment on how two big names came from his side of the world that nobody knew until late in their careers.  Such as Ricky Hatton who didn't fight in the United States until his 40th fight, and wasn't widely known until he defeated Kostya Tszyu which was Hatton's 38th fight.

Second, he mentioned Champion Joe Calzaghe with a perfect record of 46 wins (32KO).  Joe wasn't famous in the states until he picked Jeff Lacy apart in his 41st fight, and he only fought twice in the United States both in '08. 

I'm not saying that Michael Jennings is the Hitman or The Pride of Wales, but you can't call someone out because they’re unknown.  He has the same goal as Cotto does the championship and fame.

Both fighters records show that Miguel Cotto will process more punching power, but on paper they both poses good boxing ability.  Cotto does have a credible record of opponents however with Michael Jennings fighting in England I couldn't comment on the toughness and skillfulness of his opponents that he has faced.