Brett Favre Eyeing Fourth MVP?

Jimmy LawrenceCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

And let’s face it—so did many of the Packers faithful.

Despite his brilliant '08 campaign, no one could forget how it all ended. It was a cynic's dream. Favre, sometimes considered overrated and over the hill, ended his career on a poorly thrown ball that ended up being intercepted.

Favre had been a god in the city of Green Bay. But, during his power struggle with the Packers, support for Favre grew increasingly thin.

Now, fast forward to present day. Brett has the Jets soaring atop the AFC East. The Packers, following a beat down at the hands of the Saints, find themselves in a state of free fall as they plummet down the standings in the NFC North.

By no means am I suggesting this is all coming about as a result of Favre being traded to the Jets. But let's face it—Favre is playing great, dare we say MVP worthy?

While a fourth MVP for Favre is far from a lock, it's hard to argue against him being a front runner for the award this year.

I understand that Drew Brees is on pace to break Marino's passing yards in a season record, Kurt Warner's playing is reminiscent of his days as a member of the greatest show on turf, and Kris Jenkins is making the case that Favre might not even be the most valuable player on his own team.

However, it’s hard to argue against the impact that Favre has had on the Jets this year.

If you had to guess, who would you wager is leading the AFC in scoring this year? The Broncos? Chargers? Colts? Patriots? Titans? Unless you named the Jets, you are quite mistaken. Not only are they tops in the AFC, but nearly top the entire the NFL (they only trail the Giants).

That alone should put Favre as the front runner for the MVP. Last year, they were sitting at 25th in the league averaging 16.8 ppg average. Now, they find themselves second, averaging an exceptional 29.4 ppg.

I'm aware of their free agent signings on the offensive line, but make no mistake about it—this is the effect Favre has. Favre is working with essentially the exact same offensive weapons that Pennington had and getting far better results.

You can say what you want about the revived running game that was basically non-existent a season ago, but Pennington is no Favre. I have all the respect in the world for Pennington, and the success he is having with the Dolphins this year, but defenses can put eight in the box against him and not worry about the deep threat.

In having Favre under center, opposing defenses know that any play can be a deep strike. That opens up lanes for the running game. Do you think it's merely a coincidence that, with Favre out of Green Bay, there has been a steep drop off in Ryan Grant's numbers?

The point is that while Favre's numbers might not be quite at the level of Kurt Warner or Drew Brees, 20 touchdowns, a 70.6 completion percentage, and a 94.1 passer rating aren’t shabby. However, the most important stat is wins, and that is the one thing that Favre holds over the other popular MVP choices.  

With an 8-3 record, the Jets are widely regarded as the team to beat in the AFC these days. There is no denying that Favre is a big reason for the Jets' surprising success.

This is why the Jets made the bold move to go out and get him. This is why he's always in the conversation for the greatest of all time. And this is why, if the season ended today, Favre would get my MVP vote.