UFC 135 Results: 10 fights to Make After the Event

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2011

UFC 135 Results: 10 fights to Make After the Event

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    Saturday night at UFC 135 in Denver, CO, Jon Jones took the first step necessary in breaking the "light heavyweight curse" when he submitted former champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in the fourth round of their title fight.

    In other main card action, Josh Koscheck knocked out Matt Hughes with just seconds left in the first round of their welterweight bout, Nate Diaz became the second Diaz sibling to submit former Pride champion Takanori Gomi, and the four heavyweight fighters put on less than scintillating performances.

    Now, if we were in a perfect world, no fighters would be scheduled to fight, and we could make any matches that make sense going forward.

    You know what, that sounds like fun, so let's roll with it.

    Here are 10 matches that need to be made after UFC 135.

Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson

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    After his complete destruction of Rampage Jackson, it is difficult to see anyone in the division defeating the reigning light heavyweight champion.

    But if there is one person who could have a legitimate chance, it is Dan Henderson.

    While Henderson did not fare that well in his last outing in the UFC, one could make a strong argument that, at age 40, Henderson looks as good as he ever has.

    Henderson's aggressive style, Olympic-caliber wrestling, and insane punching power could prove to give Jones fits. But then again, Jones looks as close to unstoppable as anyone in MMA today.

Travis Browne vs. Shane Carwin

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    It can be argued that Travis Browne took a step down in competition when he took on Rob Broughton Saturday night. While Browne clearly won the fight, he did not look very impressive in the process.

    The undefeated Browne needs to take a step up in competition very soon. It has long been thought that Chieck Kongo was the gatekeeper of the heavyweight division, but that torch may soon be passed to Shane Carwin.

    If Browne wants to throw his name in to the mix of heavyweight contenders, he needs a name like Carwin on his resume. 

Matt Hughes vs. Retirement

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    Stepping away from something you love to do is very difficult.

    Matt Hughes has been a mainstay in the welterweight division for over a decade. Inside the cage, he has fought many a great fight. But the most difficult fight of his career will be his battle against retirement.

    Hughes has nothing left to prove to anyone. Instead of trying to hang on to something that's passed him by, let's all hope that Hughes will listen to Dana White and ride off into the sunset.

Josh Koscheck vs. Nick Diaz

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    Not only would this fight be a great test for both fighters, could you imagine the amount of smack talking leading into the fight?

    Diaz's biggest weakness has always been against strong wrestlers, so Koscheck would definitely test him there.

    Koscheck has shown that he doesn't have the best of chins; Diaz's boxing would certainly put that to the test. 

    The fight may have a difficult time living up to the smack talk, but it sure would be fun to find out if it could.

Nate Diaz vs. Anthony Pettis

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    It is pretty safe to say that the lightweight division is the most stacked division in the UFC.

    There are countless intriguing matches that can be made, and Nate Diaz versus Anthony Pettis is one of them.

    Without a doubt, these two guys would stand and bang. Pettis is the harder puncher, but you can never count out the consistent onslaught of Diaz.

    The X-factor of this fight would be what happened when the fight hit the ground. Could Pettis survive the nonstop submission attempts from the jiu-jitsu specialist?

    Again, it sure would be fun to find out.

Rampage Jackson vs. Shogun Rua

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    After his loss to Jon Jones, Ramage Jackson made it clear that he wanted to fight Shogun Rua in the UFC's return to Japan early next year.

    With both fighters' best days behind them, this match would not have much significance in the division, but it would be a great trip down memory lane.

    Back in their Pride days, Rua was one of few fighters who were able to stop Jackson. If they were to ever fight again, what better place than Japan to host that fight.

    Long live Pride.

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Miguel Torres

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    Takeya Mizugaki finally got back on the winning track at UFC 135 after dropping his last two fights.

    Mizugaki isn't ready for the best the division has to offer, but neither is former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres.

    The two already fought back in '09, with Torres the victor, so why put these two up against each other?

    First, Mizugaki does not appear to be the same fighter, and there is no doubts that it would be fun to watch.

    Second, why not?

Mark Hunt vs. Cro Cop

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    Back in the day, Mark Hunt and Cro Cop were the best strikers in the heavyweight division.

    The former K-1 fighters would surely put on a standup war for the ages. These two warriors would throw bungalows until one fighter fell and couldn't get back up.

    This would also be another fight that would be best to put on the upcoming UFC Japan card. With the amount of fame and popularity these fighters have in Japan, they would draw in a ton of fans.

    Long live Pride.

Takanori Gomi vs. Mark Hominick

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    After looking not-so-good thus far in his UFC career, it may be time for Takanori Gomi to take a serious look at the featherweight division.

    While Mark Hominick isn't necessarily an elite fighter, he is as tough as they come. This match would be a perfect chance for Gomi to prove that he either belongs at 145, or he belongs back in Japan.

Tony Ferguson vs. Duane Ludwig

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    Tony Ferguson showed that he has some of the best striking in the lightweight division Saturday night when he shattered Aaron Riley's jaw.

    Ferguson is far from a finished product, and needs to be brought along slowly. Duane Ludwig is a great striker in his own right, and would be a good step up fight for Ferguson.

    This would be another case where two guys would walk into the Octagon, and throw bombs until one guy couldn't get back up.

    This could possibly be one of the best striker vs. striker matchup that can be made in the lightweight division.