Stephanie McMahon Turns 35: Her Five Most Memorable Moments in WWE

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2011

Stephanie McMahon Turns 35: Her Five Most Memorable Moments in WWE

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    WWE VP of Creative Development and Operations Stephanie McMahon celebrated her 35th birthday today.  The daughter of Vince McMahon has enjoyed a long career in the WWE dating back to the Attitude Era where she made her presence felt through a variety of over-the-top storylines. 

    With McMahon recently assuming the controls in WWE's Digital Media position, along with many other hats she wears these days, there is likely zero time for Mrs. Levesque to celebrate her milestone. 

    But through the wonderment of journalism, this occasion calls for a tribute of sorts to McMahon's memorable WWE TV career. 

5. Jericho, Apes, Leave Stephanie McMahon Pie-Faced

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    Back when Chris Jericho was Y2J, much of his Attitude-Era push was defined by a combative feud with Stephanie McMahon. 

    Week after week, the two engaged in heated verbal sparring matches, with Chris Jericho eventually coining a signature string of adjectives, designed to insult McMahon, that cannot be used in this PG environment. 

    One of the more memorable moments in the Jericho-McMahon feud saw Jericho surprise McMahon with individuals dressed as Planet of the Apes characters.  The entertaining segment paid off when Jericho shoved an entire pie in McMahon's face. 

4. Linda McMahon Slaps Stephanie McMahon

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    Linda McMahon's character was by far the least charismatic (and most wooden) of all the McMahon's.  Ninety percent of any TV segment that involved Linda McMahon died a slow, painful death the longer it went past the five-minute mark. 

    One of Linda McMahon's more entertaining segment came after Stephanie McMahon had slapped her mother on a previous edition of RAW.  In response, Linda McMahon countered a would-be second slap with a slap of her own, sparking an enormous pop.  

3. Stephanie McMahon Turns Heel

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    The girl-next-door Stephanie McMahon character that WWE fans were treated to in McMahon's TV infancy was always so one-dimentional. 

    McMahon's character didn't gain any depth until she shockingly turned heel and joined forces with the very man who had previously drugged her, married her in her rufi-induced state and hinted at possible consummation of the forced vows unbeknown to Stephanie. 

    At Armageddon, 1999, the evil Stephanie McMahon character that grew to define her was born as she assisted Triple H to a victory over Vince McMahon in a street fight. 

2. Stephanie McMahon Kidnapped, Sacrificed, Saved on RAW

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    Austin showed off an oddly human side on a rather bizarre episode of RAW when Undertaker, in his most demonic form, teased that he was going to "sacrifice" the chairman's daughter. 

    After kidnapping McMahon, leaving Vince helpless in trying to stop Taker's maniacal efforts, it was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin who would surface as the unlikeliest of heroes as he made the save, rescuing his hated boss' daughter.

1. Stephanie McMahon "Marries" Triple H

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    The segment that made Stephanie McMahon famous and vaulted Triple H into permanent main event status came at what was supposed to be the happiest day of McMahon's life. 

    After Andrew "Test" Martin had successfully proposed to Stephanie McMahon, the two were set to wed on an episode of RAW that received much hype and attention. 

    Vince McMahon himself threatened retribution for anybody who dared interrupt his daughter's wedding.

    Unfortunately, Triple H dared to cross that line but with good reasonhe was the groom. 

    After airing the shocking footage of Triple H marrying Stephanie McMahon while the blushing bride lay victimized by a rufi, Triple H seized the opportunity to get hitched to the boss' daughter, much to the chagrin of the entire wedding party. 

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