Phil Hughes: Who is this Character?

statboy yankophersonContributor INovember 26, 2008

Who is Phil Hughes?

Is he the young gun that throws 94-95, who has a great hook?

Is he one of the most over-hyped prospects ever?

The truth is that nobody knows for sure.  He is making big news recently, with speculation as to how good he actually is.


The Facts

  • Phil was a dominant high school pitcher in California, and was a clear first round draft pick
  • Phil dominated the minor leagues with a mid 90s fastball
  • Phil has had no arm injuries—ever
  • Following his meteoric rise, Phil hurt his hamstring


As any athlete does, Phil had to get his stamina back, and shake off the rust

That grace period is over for Phil. 

Then again, he is just 22 and probably has two or three more seasons to prove himself before the doubters can honestly give up on him.

Next year will be Phil's chance to shine, but at the same time, not his last chance.  After a short detour, things are looking back on track for this young man's career.