UFC 135 Predictions: Why Rampage Jackson Will Be the Fan Favorite over Jon Jones

Cody SlovenskyContributor IISeptember 24, 2011

Ever since the announcement that Jon Jones would get his chance to become champion against Shogun Rua, Jones as a person has changed. He is very talented and dominate, but this cockiness that he reflects has truly rubbed people the wrong way. 

Over a year ago, Jones did an interview where he was quoted to saying that he could fake an injury to avoid a fight with Rashad Evans and well, when the fight was announced, Jones had a hand injury. Soon after, Evans was given a replacement, and right after that Jones announced he did not require surgery and that he would be facing Jackson. 

Jones has also stated that he would not sign fans' replica belts, which really looks bad, but his reasoning, while very arrogant, makes some sense to it. Jones has also been the complete opposite of what the fans see on TV to what the fans read on Twitter. You can see a direct message he sent to a fan via Twitter by clicking here.

Rampage Jackson is just a funny guy. Yes, he has his moments where he has been cocky and arrogant, but the difference in him being cocky and a guy like Jones being cocky is the fact that Rampage is a respected veteran who has fought the best in the world, while Jones is literally a rookie and hasn't truly proven himself. 

The fans know a lot more about Jackson and know him for his humor, and that has won over a lot of fans. So, while Jones will have many supporters, Jackson will have many more.