Notre Dame vs. Pitt: Who Feels Good About That Win?

Clashmore MikeCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011

We Ask: Where are you going?
We Ask: Where are you going?Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Wow…so much talent to so little use. How can a Pittsburgh team that ranks 119 out of 120 in pass protection neutralize who is arguably the best receiver in the game?

How can it take three and a half quarters for Notre Dame to find an answer to the defensive scheme that had our quarterback off-balance all day? 

How is it this year's edition of the Fighting Irish always digs down deep to find a new way to potentially lose the game? (Here I'm specifically thinking about roughing the punter as they're backed up on their own one-yard line. Unbelievable).

Worst of all, how can I watch a Notre Dame game and feel….bored?

With all due respect to Tommy Rees, you aren't the guy to get us there. (Sorry, Dayne, you aren't either). 

Rees has a ceiling, and we've just seen it. And so did Pitt, and now so has every team we will face. Until Golson or Hendrix is finally under center, this team will not reach it's full potential.

Thank heaven we have a defense. The rest of the team, both offense and special teams, should look to that unit for an example of the mental toughness that has yet to show up in them. 

I ask again…who feels good about that win?