Take Your Pick: Michigan's Denard Robinson or Baylor's Robert Griffin III

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011

Take Your Pick: Michigan's Denard Robinson or Baylor's Robert Griffin III

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    The two best scrambling quarterbacks in the country are Michigan's Denard Robinson and Baylor's Robert Griffin III, without a question. These two quarterbacks are also responsible for resurrecting their programs.

    Michigan is in a transition offense, trying to utilize all of Robinson's qualities as a runner and passer, although he's a far better runner.

    Baylor's Griffin III is responsible for bringing Baylor into respectability. So far he's done a great job, leading the Bears to a bowl game last year and a 3-0 start so far in 2011.

    So here begs the question, who's the better quarterback?


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    Robert Griffin III is clearly the better passer. He's played more and started more games than Denard Robinson, but he's more efficient and has a better arm.

    In terms of being an NFL prospect, Griffin III has a better chance of playing quarterback in the NFL. He has a good, accurate arm and he gets better every year.

    Griffin III has 6,697 yards passing with 49 touchdowns and just 11 interceptions. Compared to Robinson's 3,289 yards passing with 26 touchdowns and 19 interceptions, it's almost a night and day difference.

    Griffin III takes the cake.


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    Just watching Denard Robinson last season was enough to give him the nod in this argument: he had 1,702 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns. That's more than Robert Griffin III's career total of 1,674 yards.

    Robinson is known for his wheels; that's the strength of his game. He's always going to be a runner and that's what helps Michigan win games.

    Griffin III can take off and run when he needs to, but he's a pass-first quarterback. He has the speed and athleticism to be just as good of a runner as Robinson, but that's not his game.

Conference Comparison

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    No disrespect to the Big Ten, but Baylor plays Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. Those are all ranked teams that have potential to have huge seasons.

    Michigan plays Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Nebraska. Two of those teams are considered elite. They already played Notre Dame, who clearly isn't that good of a team, so it looks like Baylor has the slight nod here, giving Griffin III tougher competition.

    That's not meant to take away from either player, but in terms of the production, it makes Griffin III look better that he plays that tough of competition and still puts up huge numbers.

Who Is Most Valuable to Their Team?

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    This has to go to Denard Robinson.

    Yes, Robert Griffin III is an amazing talent and a great leader, but Robinson is Michigan. Without him, they are nothing. The back-up quarterback isn't even worth mentioning and there are no other real offensive weapons for him to work with.

    On top of that, Michigan's defense is horrible, making it Robinson's responsibility to wield this team to wins.

    While Griffin III is the main reason for Baylor's success, he still has some weapons around him that deserve a lot of credit.

Final Verdict

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    Robert Griffin III wins this argument. Although both quarterbacks are the only reason for their team's success, Griffin III is a better all-around player.

    He's a natural leader and when he went down with a torn ACL two seasons ago, Baylor suffered. He came back last season, had a monster year and led his team to a bowl game, the first bowl game in forever for Baylor.

    Griffin III has a better arm and is a smarter quarterback. The Michigan offense falls apart a lot, leaving Robinson running for his life, which could be one of the main reasons for his production on the ground.

    Both quarterbacks deserve to be Heisman candidates and both quarterbacks could very well be in New York at the end of the year for the Heisman presentation.

    Both of these great players deserve plenty of attention and recognition for their team's success.