Giants vs. Eagles: Could Playing Michael Vick Hurt Eagles?

Alexander DiegelCorrespondent IIISeptember 24, 2011

Giants vs. Eagles: Could Playing Michael Vick Hurt Eagles?

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have decided Michael Vick is healthy enough to start just a week after experiencing his first concussion.

    Once you get a concussion, it makes it that much easier to get another one and another after that. Just ask Troy Aikman. 

    There is growing concern the Eagles are making a mistake in throwing their franchise quarterback back out there against a New York Giants team that prides itself on pressuring the quarterback.

    Here are four reasons why the team should think twice about letting Vick take on Justin Tuck and company. 

Giants’ Defensive Line

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    The strength of the New York Giants is their defensive line. Quite simply, when their line dominates, the Giants win. They rode that philosophy to Super Bowl XLII, and little has changed since.

    Defensive ends Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul have already combined for four sacks in this young NFL season. A division win is on the line, and it is no secret the teams do not like each other. 

    With a recently concussed Vick, the D-line will smell blood in the water and will bring some extra tenacity to the field on Sunday. 

Eagles’ Offensive Line

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    Making matters worse for Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles is that their offensive line has been far from stellar thus far.

    Through two games, the unit has surrendered 17 hits to the quarterback and three sacks. The sacks certainly look better on a stat sheet for a defense, but the hits that prove to be most lethal to a quarterback. Vick got injured on a hit, not a sack, as has Tom Brady, Carson Palmer and many passers before him. 

    Now, the team goes up against a defensive front four that, even without Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umeniora, is amongst the NFL’s best. The combination could be a recipe for disaster at Lincoln Financial Field. 


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    If Michael Vick does get hurt, the Philadelphia Eagles would be looking at three successive weeks without their starting quarterback against competitive opponents.

    The San Francisco 49ers are an overtime loss from being 2-0. The Buffalo Bills have a potent offense, and suddenly the Bills' play making trio of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson seem comparable to the Eagles' Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.

    The Washington Redskins are in first place in the NFC East and will be amped up to defeat their rival. 

    Playing without their $100 million man could lead to a loss in any one of these games, which the Eagles would certainly be favorites if Vick is on the field. 

Concussion Testing

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    With the NFL’s new concussion testing, if Michael Vick gets his bell rung again, he could be out for quite some time. If there are any lingering post-concussive symptoms, Vick will not be cleared to play.

    With Sydney Crosby, Pennsylvania sports fans have already seen one superstar athlete struggle to return to action following a concussion. If Vick misses a significant portion of the 2011 season, it could end the Eagles’ Super Bowl dreams early.

    Regardless of your allegiance, no fan wants to see a player of Vick's caliber miss significant time. Resting him against a ferocious Giants' front four certainly would be the safer play.

    For a team gunning for a championship, no one would fault the team for sitting their starting quarterback down for one game with the bigger picture in mind. 

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