50 Reasons I Love College Basketball

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer INovember 26, 2008

I've written 49 articles tagged under college basketball.

So I thought fittingly for my 50th article on college basketball, I would take a page out of Pat Forde's book and give 50 quick hitting reasons I love college hoops.

(1) I love the madness that comes in March. (2) I love the noise of November. (3) I love every conference game in between.

(4) I love watching the utter dominance of North Carolina and (5) the futility of NJIT and its 36-game losing streak.

(6) I love wondering why 7'3" Hasheem Thabeet is a subpar rebounder, but (7) 6'3" Paul Harris is a monster on the glass.

(8) I love watching Blake Griffin dominate the paint and (9) I love watching Stephen Curry score in every way possible. (10) I love when the two face each other and (11) I love knowing there's another Curry brother.

(12) I love the multitude of different styles of play, from VMI's run and gun to (13) Georgetown's slow it down and grind it out.

(14) I love gawking over RealtimeRPI.com even though the RPI sucks and (15) spending hours breaking down tempo-free statistics, trying to figure out their use.

(16) I love knowing that everything that's good in the world is related to Syracuse basketball while (17) the purveyor of all things evil finds a home with Georgetown basketball.

(18) I love waking up and knowing it's game day. (19) I love sitting in the arena waiting for the game to start and (20) I love the roar of the crowd with each thunderous dunk.

(21) I love the fact that referees are actually calling travels. (22) I love the fact the three-point line has been moved back a foot.

(23) I love knowing that Coach K, Tom Izzo, and Jim Calhoun can't do anything that would lead to their firing. (24) I love not knowing how to spell Coach Krzy...'s name.

(25) I love 340 teams' worth of names like (26) Baylor's LaceDarius Dunn, (27) Texas San-Antonio's Roge'r Guinyard, and (28) Richmond's Josh Duinker (pronounced Dunker).

(29) Or the absurdities of the mascots like (30) the Salukis, (31) Banana Slugs, and (32) Blue Hose.

(33) I love the Block, (34) Mario Chalmers' shot, and (35) Laettner's turn-around.

(36) I love knowing that a loss in November for a major program doesn't mean your season is over. (37) I love knowing a loss a November for a mid-major could be the end of its at-large hopes.

(38) I love bragging about the juggernaut that is Big East basketball and (39) I love laughing at the joke that is Pac-10 basketball.

(39) I love the three guard up-tempo system Baylor runs and (40) I love Wake Forest's trees that guard the basket.

(41) I love Bobby Knight's incredibly dry, yet hilarious commentary and analysis.

(42) I love the reemergence of the big man, (43) exhibit a) Luke Harangody, (44) exhibit b) Cole Aldrich, and (45) exhibit c) Jonathan Brockman.

(46) I love the fact that players care about every game, unlike the NBA.

(47) I love the fact teams get to celebrate regular season titles, (48) conference tournament championships, and (49) national titles. 

(50) Frankly, I just love the game of college basketball.


Ask yourself, what do you love about the game?