College Football Uniforms 2011: New unis, same old play

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011

College Football Uniforms 2011: New unis, same old play

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    Do new uniforms really make the difference? Four teams this season have already proved that they do not. Of course the buzz around the new Nike Pro Combat jersey's has given college football some extra exposure, but that doesn't mean instant wins for those particular teams.

    The uniforms don't win games and while they may give that certain team a new attitude, or possibly some extra motivation to perform at a higher level, that doesn't mean it's a sure bet for a win.

    The classic teams that stick to their original uniforms like Alabama, Oklahoma and LSU are sitting at the top of the polls where they should be and they didn't need a new uniform to do it.

4. Georgia Bulldogs

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    Georgia came out against Boise State in the uniforms pictured above and before the game began, there was a certain buzz in the air or a certain attitude that was coming off of the Bulldogs football team.

    That buzz diminished early as Boise State went up 35-7 and won the game 35-21. Georgia showed signs of life in the second half of the game, but not in the first. They didn't play as well as they should have or as well as they were expected to play.

    Are the uniforms to blame? Of course not, but those uniforms didn't change much. Georgia hasn't been that great in the past couple of years and a new uniform didn't change the way they were going to play that night.

    Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, the new uni's didn't prove to be beneficial.

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    First off, Notre Dame is one of the most storied programs in the history of college football, but the decade of the 2000's might be one they want to forget.

    Notre Dame hasn't been great since the early 90's. They've had very disappointing teams in recent years and the start of the 2011 season isn't any different.

    They wore the uniforms pictured above against Michigan and while the uniforms were well received, it didn't change the way the Irish played. They chocked a big lead and had a huge meltdown against Michigan and eventually lost the game in the final seconds.

    These uniforms are almost like the green uniforms Notre Dame wears occasionally; they just don't work out in their favor.

2. Arizona State Sun Devils

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    Arizona State's uniforms are a huge upgrade from their old uniforms and while they did win against Missouri, they followed it up by losing to Illinois, which dropped them out of the polls.

    These uniforms are here to stay, but they aren't responsible for winning or losing games. Arizona State isn't traditionally a powerhouse either, so this is an easy pick considering that the uniforms are new, but the team is still the same.

    Arizona State certainly appears to be a team on the rise, but as for now they will remain the same as they've always been and the uniforms don't make a difference.

1. Maryland Terrapins

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    Maryland has a new crop of uniforms for every game this season and the uniforms they wore against Miami, pictured on the title slide, were certainly an eye catcher. Some thought they were very ugly, others thought they were unique and creative.

    Last week against West Virginia, the uniforms didn't prove anything. Maryland barely beat a depleted Miami team and they lost to a very good West Virginia team, thus resulting in Maryland being who we thought they are, not a very good team.

    They have a lot of young talent and Randy Edsall is going to be very good for the program, but the uniforms didn't prove anything and Maryland is the same team.