Michael Vick: Fantasy Football Nightmare or Key Piece for a Championship?

WesAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2011

Wondering if he should trade himself for Ryan Grant.
Wondering if he should trade himself for Ryan Grant.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Michael Vick's latest injury has fantasy football owners everywhere wondering what to do.

A quick look at CBS Sports fantasy football page reveals panic has settled in.

Members can sign in and view a player's profile, which shows recent trades involving the selected player.

One individual traded Vick for Ryan Grant. There aren't additional names to go with the trade and it's not a typo. Someone else thought it would be a brilliant idea to package Vick with Felix Jones and land Eli Manning.


If Vick is currently on your roster you better calm your backside down and not unload him for a borderline No. 2 running back or a No. 2 quarterback.

You actually better not trade him at all.

One can only assume Vick was taken anywhere from early in the first round to the middle of the second round. An investment like that cannot be thrown out the window in three weeks time. Vick is a legitimate top-10 caliber player who single-handedly won thousands of people a championship last year off the waiver wire.

And if you took Vick early were you not aware of his inability to stay healthy? This is part of the deal with Vick. To give up on him at this point is more of an indictment of the owner than Vick's sub-par performances this season.

Drafting a quarterback with a first-round pick is a major risk and it creates voids in your roster. Those deficiencies can only be covered up by mind-blowing numbers from players like Vick, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or another top-tier quarterback. If you were willing to take the risk you need to ride it out long enough to know you gave it a shot.

Trading Vick is not going to get you out of your 0-3 hole. It will only bury you deeper and leave you wondering why you traded Vick instead of why you drafted him. 

It's understandable to get nervous.

It's impossible to project how many games he will play this year let alone his stats. He could easily account for 30 touchdowns or more or he could miss a half dozen games and sabotage your team. But that doesn't mean you trade him, especially at this point.

Aren't you supposed to sell high?

It's hard to imagine Vick has reached his maximum worth. No one will deny his value is low, but that should lead you understand the second part of basic economics: Buy low.

Now is the time to trade for a player who can help you dominate your fantasy league beginning next week. The Philadelphia Inquirer is already reporting Vick is likely to play Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

It may not be necessary to go after Vick if you have an elite quarterback, but if you landed Sam Bradford or Josh Freeman, what do you have to lose if you pursue Vick?

Maybe you'll have to part ways with Mark Ingram or another replaceable player. The reward, though, could be well worth it.