10 Wrestling DVDs You Need to See/Own Before You Die

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10 Wrestling DVDs You Need to See/Own Before You Die

For many fans of pro wrestling, there are items that one must own to feel like a real fan.

Things like t-shirts, action figures, replica belts are among some of the common things that a fan will own and may even show off to fellow fans (especially the action figures, admit it you have).

But as fans know, especially older ones, being a fan of pro wrestling can sometimes make you friends or coworkers look at you like you're the kid who ate glue in kindergarten.

So for fans who know that they can't show off their wrestling figures to a member of the opposite sex, DVDs are another way to remain a fan.

At the same time it's a way to be intelligent about a show you enjoy and love, or be discreet if you don't want to be mocked.

This list is designed to give tips on the must haves for a growing wrestling DVD collection.

Let me also state that there will not be any DVDs focusing on one particular wrestler like the many biographical DVDs that have been released over the years.

In most cases, these DVDs are the subjects way to spin the events in history in order to make themselves appear better and everyone else was wrong (anything about Hulk Hogan or in some cases Ric Flair).

I will tell you about the DVDs and what they offer, including any extras and matches shown. So after reading this list you will hopefully go out and get these DVDs if haven't already got them.

Another plus is that many of these are under $10 online, perfect for the fan on a budget.

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