Support the Winning Programs at Notre Dame

Jim CowanCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

It’s time to get out of your box and support your Notre Dame winning programs right now! If you call yourself a Notre Dame fan, you should know that the 24-0 ladies soccer team is now playing in the elite eight in their tourney against Florida State. If they pull out another win at home they’ll play either Stanford or Portland which is no joke either way.

Mike Brey and the men's basketball crew proved last night they are legit, but have little time to relish in a close win against Texas as they face No. 1 North Carolina tonight. They pretty much handled Texas with no problems with the exception of the last 30 seconds where they let Abrams shoot easy threes to make it close. The game was really not a one point game though.

So watch the friggin game tonight! Support the other teams who are actually winning right now.