Boise State Broncos vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes: Shocking Predictions

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IISeptember 24, 2011

Boise State Broncos vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes: Shocking Predictions

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    I have looked closely at this Saturday's game between the Boise State Broncos and the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. 

    I have studied the numbers, different scenarios, injury reports, expert analysis, and miscellaneous articles and opinion pieces. 

    After all that, I have came to one conclusion. I think there will be a few things about this game that will shock people.

SHOCKER No. 1: Boise State Will Not Cover the Spread

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    Boise State is currently favored by 33 at home on the "smurf turf" over Tulsa, which is to be expected, I guess. 

    However, I do not think that they will cover that spread. I know that Boise usually holds down on the blue turf, and don't get me wrong, they will play to their potential Saturday. 

    But, from what I saw out of the kicking game last week against Toledo, I foresee the loss of at least one field goal and one or two extra points. That is as many as five points during the game. 

    This, along with the fact that I do not see Kellen Moore playing all four quarters. I believe Boise will have this game in hand early in the second half, and coach Chris ("Pete") Peterson will use it as an opportunity to protect his Heisman candidate. 

    He will also see it as a chance to give next year's quarterback hopefuls, Joe Southwick and Grant Hedrick, some game time.  

    My prediction for Kellen Moore: He will throw for a solid 350 yards, 4 touchdowns, 28/34 passing with no interceptions. It will be interesting to see the backups begin to compete for next years showdown.   

    My prediction for the game score: Boise State 45, Tulsa 13

SHOCKER No. 2: The Boise State Running Game Will Bring Balance to the Offense

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    The first two games of the year have not been impressive for Boise State's running game. However, this game will be a breakout for Doug Martin and D.J. Harper. 

    Harper has injured his knee two years in a row in the third game of the season. Well, this is the third game of the season. 

    Guess what? Harper will not suffer the same fate this year. In fact, look for Harper to have a stellar performance against the Golden Hurricanes.

    Prediction for Doug Martin: 22 carries for a 121 yards and one touchdown

    Prediction for D.J. Harper: 14 carries for 91 yards and also one touchdown

SHOCKER No. 3: Boise State's Defense Will Remember How to Tackle

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    Ok, a bit sarcastic I understand. 

    However, most Boise State fans will have to admit that the first two games had some frustrating defensive plays. Just when it seems the Broncos had stopped their opponent for a loss, that same opponent would somehow slip away and battle for a couple more inches.

    I know that it hasn't made Coach Petersen very happy either. Around Boise this week the word is that the defense has been challenged. That is not good news for the Golden Hurricanes.

    Prediction for the defense: No one will gripe about missed tackles this week.