Notre Dame-Syracuse: The Lone Steamer

Jim CowanCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

There are just no words in the English dictionary to explain the loss to Syracuse at home. If there ever was a sure thing, even more so than USC’s 29-½ point favor this weekend, it was Notre Dame to beat a 2-8 Syracuse at home.

Everything pointed to a Notre Dame win: Greg Robinson’s departure at season’s end, a dome team playing outside in 20-degree weather, Notre Dame coming off of a squeaker to Navy where they should’ve won big—oh yeah, and how about Syracuse’s 2-8 record!

Does it seem every week there’s some sort of reprehensible event which unfolds? Once again, play calling and Jimmy Clausen’s play prove to be counterproductive at best. This loss, more than any this season, is unacceptable, and now I cannot help but sit my ass on the back bumper of the Fire Charlie Bandwagon.

Lou Holtz, anybody? More on that later!!!

So this week, Notre Dame football gets the only weekly steamer award. Albeit a few days late, it’s theirs alone. The one game I get to at South Bend was the one game I was sure to see a win...thanks for letting me down!