College Football: Ranking the Best Under Armour Uniforms

Jack ButlerContributor IIISeptember 23, 2011

College Football: Ranking the Best Under Armour Uniforms

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    Under Armour was founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank.  Their brand has expanded from their famous undershirts to pretty much everything sports related. 

    Professionals in all sports have contracts with the newest major sporting equipment company.  Cam Newton, Kemba Walker, Jose Reyes, and Rick Nash all have Under Armour endorsement deals.

    Under Armour has leaked over into the uniform business.  While they do sponsor some European soccer teams, they're mostly known for their college football uniforms.  Their designs have received mixed reviews–some hate them and some love them. 

    Here is how I rank the Top 15 Under Armour uniforms in College Football.

Honorable Mention: South Carolina Wounded Warrior Uniform

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    I'll start with this one, because it was really the inspiration for this list.  The Game Cocks will be wearing these uniforms to support the Wounded Warrior Project when they play Auburn on October 1st. 

    This is a really sleek-looking jersey.  I chose the back view because most people have only seen the front.  What gets missed is the crazy design on the back of the pants.  Is it a bit much?  Yeah, kind of.  But that's what Under Armour does best.  The cleats are fantastic, and what gets overlooked is the camo stripe down the middle of the helmet.  A very nice special occasion uniform for the Game Cocks. 

15. Toledo Rockets

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    These uniforms are just terrible. 

    What's up with the big curvy numbers?  When did that ever look good?  It matches font they chose for the team and players names, and it doesn't really look any better there.  The stripe thing on the pants looks awkward and the boring helmets are complemented with a bland and spacious logo. 

    This is as bad as an Under Armour uniform gets.

14. Western Ontario Mustangs

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    Yes, they play college football in Canada too.  And where there's college football, there's Under Armour.

    This isn't really a terrible uniform, just too much purple.  Maybe if they used more black instead of silver it would look better.  Also not a big fan of another weird stripe thing on the pants.

13. Truman State Falcons

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    Most of you probably haven't heard of Truman State, and I don't blame you.  It's a small school in Kirksville, Missouri.  They play in the MIAA of Division 2. 

    Well here's some more purple.  Purple is usually only good in small doses.  I think these are a little better than UWO's unis simply because of the black pants.  Even though the stripe thing that stops mid-thigh is a bit strange. 

12. Boston College Eagles

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    For once, I feel like Under Armour designed a pretty boring uniform. 

    BC seems to be caught between a old school retro-look and a modern one.  A simple jersey with a modern number style, simple pants with kind of a modern stripe design and a plain single striped helmet.

    And the helmet is kind of a flat gold, not a shiny one like Notre Dame.  Not a big fan of that. 

11. University of Calgary Dinos

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    Yes, another Canadian school has found their way in this list.  I promise, from here on out, this list will only consist of uniforms you have seen before.

    This isn't a bad design.  The colors are nice and it's not over-the-top.  Reminds me a lot of the old Texas Tech unis.  The helmet looks pretty sweet too.

10. South Carolina Gamecocks

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    You might be a little surprised that USC is this far away from the top spot.  I don't really like maroon, so maybe that's why I don't like them as much. 

    They really simplified their design for this season, which is good.  They used to have too many random stripes on their pants and on their jersey.  This is definitely a cleaner look overall.

    I usually like white helmets, but this one is a little too busy and the thick stripes don't help.

9. Texas Tech Red Raiders

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    Texas Tech also unveiled new uniforms for this season.  It seems like Under Armour is trying to get more simple, which I think is a good thing.  The number design is also a lot nicer than the old one.

    I feel like red is the most overused color in sports.  It can be too much, especially when it's a bright red, like the shade the Red Raiders use.  I don't really like the all red uni, but the all black one is pretty sleek looking. 

8. Hawaii Warriors

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    Hawaii switched over from Nike to Under Armour pretty recently, and although these are still pretty sweet, I think they took a step backwards.  They don't have the cool diamond designs on their pants anymore.  It was unique, and distinguishing. 

    I love the shade of green, and the all blacks are really nice.  But I don't know.  Something about them just isn't the same. 

7. Utah Utes

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    Solid all-around uniform from the new Pac-12 members.  Simple and clean.  The traditional helmet.  A little bit of a modern flare.  Very nice work by Under Armour on this one. 

6. Maryland Terrapins

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    Okay, I know most people hated the unis the Terps donned in their season opener.  They were a little out there, but I actually didn't hate them. 

    They were original, and focused on state pride.  Maryland has an interesting state flag, and I like that the school focused their new uniforms and color scheme around them.

    With that being said, that's as weird as Maryland's uniforms will get this year.  Maryland is becoming Under Armour's Oregon, but I think the designs will be a little bit more toned down than the Ducks.  The all blacks they wore last weekend were sleek and the checkerboard stripe on the helmet is pretty cool. 

    I also can't wait until they break out the turtle shell helmets.

5. Southern Illinois Salukis

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    First of all, the Saluki is one of the best mascots in college sports.  SIU plays in the FCS, but they have FBS quality uniforms. 

    They're very similar to South Carolina, but the subtle differences in the design make a big difference.  You can't tell from the picture, but the helmet stripes gradually get thinner until they disappear towards the back.  They have a great helmet logo, and all the stripes on the pants and jersey go together really nicely.  A very simple and crisp look. 

4. Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens

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    Michigan and Delaware are actually not the only two Division One teams to don the classic winged helmet.  Princeton wears a black and orange one.

    I love these uniforms.  The helmet is a classic look, and I don't look at it as a copy-cat move or a rip off of Michigan.  I like the shade of blue they use, and the Under Armour design brings a little bit of a modern flare, but not too much–which is key. 

3. Auburn Tigers

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    Under Armour did a great job by leaving Auburn's classic uniforms alone. 

    You can't really make these much better.  I love their color scheme and their helmets.  It just would have been weird and forced if they tried to modernize the design.  Some things are better left untouched. 

2. South Florida Bulls

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    USF has perhaps the best color scheme in the NCAA.  The uniform design is as close to perfect as you can get. 

    You don't need to complicate the pants with random stripes or funny-looking designs when you have a perfect shade of green.  The gold is a perfect complement as well.

    While I'm usually not a big fan of teams having multiple helmets, they have two great ones.  Their other is white with a green stripe down the middle.  It looks fantastic when they wear all green unis at home.

    The horned U is a great helmet logo as well.  It's almost as if they took the idea from Miami, but made it there own.  Either way, Under Armour hit a home run with South Florida's uniform design.

1. Temple Owls

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    Like I said before, I'm not the biggest fan of the color red.  Although it's hard to argue with a design like this.  Not to mention that this shade of red is very easy on the eyes and isn't too bright like Texas Tech.

    Originality is very important to a good uniform design.  I can't think of a team with anything remotely like this.  The pants' design is simple, original, and hard not to like.  The jersey design is also very simple, but the collar brings it all together.

    What's just as important is what they didn't do.  They didn't go over-the-top with an awkward modern number-style.  And they kept the helmet very plain, rather than adding a checkered stripe or something like that.  That would have been over-doing it. 

    Under Armour has a reputation for complicating and over-modernizing uniforms.  They did everything just right with Temple.