Count on Steve Nash, Not LeBron James, in a Knicks Uniform in 2010

Claudio 21Contributor INovember 26, 2008

As Donnie Walsh cleared in two hours, what Isiah couldn't in five seasons, the speculation began:


Will LeBron James be wearing orange and blue instead of the burgundy and navy come the beginning of the 2010-2011 season?


From photo shops of LeBron in a Knicks “23” uniform, to the billboards on 7th Avenue with his likeness, the dislike for New York across the country, especially in Cleveland, will only intensify over the next two seasons.


But many factors have to be taken into consideration before we even talk about the “King of Cleveland” becoming the “King of NY.”


If LeBron wins a title in Cleveland, many will argue that his work will be done in his home state delivering its only world title since 1964. The LeBron/NY frenzy has also made numerous journalists forget that the Cavaliers can offer LeBron close to $25 million more than the Knicks can due to the Larry Bird exception.


In addition, they will also have a similar amount of cap room available as Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao will be the only players on the books. But, what Cleveland can't offer LeBron is celebrity row, the No. 1 city in the world, Madison Avenue, and Madison Square Garden.


But before even talking LeBron, the focus should be on the player who is the most likely signing in NY: Steve Nash.


The Canadian could be the dessert to the main course of either LeBron, Bosh, Wade, or Amare. Every summer, Nash makes his home in NY city  in Battery Park and has had the best years of his career under the free-wheeling D'Antoni system. He may have not delivered a title to the land of the Sun, but he stands right there with Barkley, KJ, and Chambers as one of the top players in Suns history so there's not much left to accomplish.


For Nash, it won't be a money issue, because he will be two years older and on the down-side of his career. It will mostly be about bringing a title to a franchise that last won one when Phil Jackson was part of the '72 title team.


So New York, thank Donnie Walsh for probably delivering Steve Nash to you already, but hold off on LeBron. You'll have to wait and see if the King likes his current palace or wants to move into the one everyone dreams of playing in on 34th and 7th.