So Much for Oilers--Leafs Trades: Dirty Laundry From the Penner Affair

Sean PaddisonCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

I was thinking of writing about the Leafs-Atlanta game, but I didn't feel like increasing my indigestion factor. So, I decided to write about something a little less acid-inducing, so here it is...

One fact about bringing in Brian Burke as the new Leafs GM/President that many may not be realizing is the importing of his feud with Kevin Lowe in Edmonton.

If the Leafs coveted any of Edmonton's players heading up to the signing of Burke, they can probably kiss all that goodbye now.

After scooping up Penner, Kevin Lowe is now at the top of Brian's caca list.

Also, it may be interesting to see what other teams Brian has a hate-on for.

Thankfully, due to the ever-increasing cap pressure all teams are feeling, there are sure to be some quality deals come available this summer.

The Leafs, one year removed from the McCabe, Tucker, Sundin and Raycroft salaries, may have a lot of cash to play with next summer.

If the trend that we are seeing continues (lets hope it doesn't), the Leafs may be shopping for a top six goalie next year along with replacements for the twin towers or Matt Stajan (that's right, I think he will tank later this year).

I just hope the best players aren't coming from teams with a hate-on for Burke or vice- versa.

It should prove to be interesting when the time comes to wheel and deal.

Perhaps Burke will get Wilson to swing the deals with teams he has a poor rapport with.