2008 NFL MVP Between 3 QBs

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IINovember 26, 2008

So it's been 11 games, and the race for league MVP is down to three.

Yes, it is usually given to a quarterback, just like the Super Bowl MVP.

This year will be no different, no RBs are on record breaking pace.

Kurt Warner, Drew Brees and now Brett Favre should be in everyone's conversation for league MVP.

Warner with Brees are on pace to break Dan Marino's single season record for passing yards, Warner also has a shot at Brees' 2007 record for completions in a season.

While Favre has gotten a 4-12 team from last season, yes with much help, but he is the star QB, and the Jets have gone from 4-12 to 8-3 with five to go, fighting for the No. 1 seed in the AFC, or at least No. 2.

Favre statistically leads the league in INTs, but here's the clincher, he's come out with the best completion percentage at 70.6 percent, that's right folks, Brett Favre, the man who set a season high last season in completion percentage of 66.5 percent may beat Ken Anderson vaunted record of 70.6 percent.

Not to mention Favre is miles ahead both Brees and Warner in popularity.

Brees' chances hinder on the Saints making the playoffs.

Warner's chances hinder on him continuing his statistical pace and taking the Cards to at least No. 3 seed.

Favre's chances? Something tells me if the Jets are 12-4 at No. 1 seed, his stats won't matter, he'll win his fourth.