Conference Realignment: College Football, a Country Divided

Chad IrvineContributor IIISeptember 23, 2011

Pitt officials making their announcement to leave the Big East for the ACC.
Pitt officials making their announcement to leave the Big East for the ACC.Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The Big Ten has 12 teams, yet the Big-12 has 10. What is wrong with the College Football world? Conferences are falling apart all for, near as I can tell, money. What is wrong with the money they have? They don't have to pay players, so they can't be spending that much money, can they? With recent shakeups in NCAA Conferences, what will happen in the future? 

With Syracuse and Pittsburgh leaving the Big East to go to the ACC, the Big East isn't looking so big anymore. Slowly the country will become divided into four, yes FOUR, super conferences. The ACC, Big Ten (if they decide to keep the same name), Pac-(insert number here) and the SEC. However, this could possibly make the fans happy in the long run.

With only four major conferences, the NCAA would almost be forced to hold a playoff, something fans have wanted for as long as I can remember. Here is how I believe the conferences would break down: The Big Ten would expand and take up the Midwest schools (except for the "independent" Notre Dame). The ACC will run all along the coast and start to shift west to accommodate more schools entering the conference. The Pac-12 would do what it is already doing and get as many schools from anywhere in the country and the SEC would expand into Texas and other westward states and acquire schools like Oklahoma and Texas. 

What does this mean for the BCS? GONE! Finally. Ding Dong the witch is dead. The BCS has smashed hopes of national championships after Week 1 of every season. I would be happy to see an eight team playoff, with the winner of each division of each conference advancing. Maybe even a 12-team playoff, having a wild card from each conference represented by the best second place team.

Bowl games can still happen, just not with the best teams in America. The bowl games would still generate revenue, being the biggest sport in the country, fans would still buy tickets for bowl games like they do now for smaller games like the Little Caesars' Bowl and the Chick-fil-a bowl. Smaller bowl games, in addition to a large playoff, could be the best thing to ever happen to college football.

Eventually, the NCAA will be forced to do something about the BCS anyway, so let it take care of itself. Automatic qualifying bids would mean nothing with four conferences because that would only be enough for two of their games. I would love to see a playoff in NCAA football, but would it be worth losing some conferences? That's up for the schools, fans and the conferences themselves to decide.