Thanksgiving True to Tradition

Mike MurdockContributor INovember 26, 2008

Thanksgiving is a holiday reeking with tradition, stemming from the initial tradition that started with a bunch of Pilgrims and a bunch of Indians feasting on Lobster in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Now traditions vary from household to household, with the non-masculine households basing their activities around board games and the Macy's day parade (no offense to any one's respective Thanksgiving traditions), and the studlier households centering their activities around the three F's of Thanksgiving, Food, Football, and Family.

Whether it's a mid-morning football game (touch for those before-mentioned non-masculine families), just tossing the pigskin around, or of course viewing "America's Team" (yeah okay) and the team from the motor city play, as says tradition. The fact of the matter is that football is a part of the tradition of Thanksgiving.

I'm sure as dedicated sports fans most of you would have seen Mike Ditka's rant last week on the Thanksgiving tradition. His problem was that uncompetitive teams, mainly the Detroit Lions (which have proved their lack of competitiveness in recent years) get to play on the Thursday trapped by tradition.

I propose, contrary to the beliefs of Mr. Ditka, that part of the tradition of Thanksgiving Thursday is the Detroit Lions, and of course the Cowboys as well. There have been blow outs on Thanksgiving before, hell just last year the Cowboys stomped the Jets 34-3. Should the Jets not be allowed to play on Thanksgiving (heightened argument based on the acquisition of #4)? Is it possible Coach Ditka is still sore about that Thanksgiving defeat 16-6 in 1992, his last season with the Bears?

Now, beyond Ditka's motives for the rant, the fact of the matter is that although the Lions have yet to win a game this season, it is tradition that they play, and not just any tradition but Thanksgiving tradition. And wouldn't it be something if a winless team honored their commitment and tradition to play on turkey day with a massive upset over the heavily-favored San Diego Chargers?