Breaking News: Ian White Traded

AndrewCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008


Based on reports from very reliable sources, Ian White of the Toronto Maple Leafs has been traded to the Florida Panthers. The 24 year old defensemen/forward was traded two hours ago, in return the Leafs will receive a bag of pucks. We are still waiting for a likely confirmation. 

Toronto's Ian White played 10 games this season, scoring a total of seven points (three goals and four assists). Drafted sixth round, and seen as a bust earlier this season, this young player has stepped up and shown that he can do more than we thought. Since switching positions to a forward, he's been more affective on ice.

In return for this prospect with a descent future ahead of him, the Leafs have received a bag of pucks. The bag contains a dozen brand new pucks, all of the same size and quality. 

Looking at this in an optimistic way, our beloved GM was thinking long term. With 12 more pucks being added to the ice at practices, the Leafs' offense can be more affective. There are four lines of three forwards (12 forwards), and there are also 12 pucks coming into Toronto, coincidence? I think not! Perhaps the rebuilding of the defense is now done and it is now time to work on the offense.

These pucks can provide more shooting and passing time at practices instead of "chasing after pucks" time, and can also help strengthen the forwards. Little, but affective. These pucks are also more durable than Ian White or any Leaf in that matter. Hit your toughest guy with a stick and throw him into the net, he's dead. The pucks will also last, Ian White would probably retire in his early 30's, but these pucks can last for generations to come, and Cliff Fletcher has thought long term once again, let the rebuilding continue!

What can we expect as an outcome of this trade? We can surely expect to see more goals being scored at games because of the more prepared forwards. Instead of those shoot out losses we saw at the beginning of the season, one goal wins. This can help other youngsters like Jiri Tlusty, that haven't been as good as we thought, gain more confidence and just simply play better hockey. You know what they say, Practice makes perfect!

There are rumors that the Leafs also got an additional hot dog stand in the trade, but no confirmation from a reliable source yet. Stay tuned for more details!


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