LeBron James: The Renaissance Man of the Renaissance City

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LeBron James: The Renaissance Man of the Renaissance City

Sure, you may be watching the morning ESPN reports about summer of 2010 in the NBA.

The big names of Bosh, Wade, and LeBron will all be free agents, and everyone is talking about LeBron playing in Madison Square Garden. The ESPN "rumor" being spread around is that LeBron wants to play in New York, with either the Knicks or the Nets.

Well, who cares? We all know the true suitors of King James are the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Yes, that Oklahoma City—the freaking Renaissance City.

What I hear from league sources is that the Commish himself has made backwards deals with LeBron and his major sponsor Nike to convince LeBron to go to OKC in 2010.

But why? Oh, dear god, why would anyone want to go to Oklahoma?

Well, when I sat down with my source, he told me that the Commish doesn't want to look like a fool for actually convincing all of the owners to allow the Seattle to OKC move to happen. The man is never is wrong—and if he were to start now, his power would be in question.

Look at what happened to Gary Bettman. He convinced the owners of some extremely cold-weather hockey teams to move down south to compete for consumers' entertainment money. Well, the NASCAR and different types of animal fights have entrenched themselves as the main attraction for spending money in the likes of Atlanta, Nashville, Carolina, and even Phoenix. Once the novelty of the teams wore off, people stopped caring without a huge-name player for the city to attach to.

Basically, David Stern does not want to look like his now powerless colleague, and he will do that by any means possible.

LeBron James, will now be Renaissance Man of the Renaissance city.


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