Denver Broncos: Strange Case of Dr. Jaykyll and Mr. Cutler

Chaz MattsonAnalyst INovember 26, 2008


In 1886 Robert Louis Stevenson published his novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as a successful fiction on the conflict of human duality. It’s a work focused on the battle between personal good and evil. It’s interesting; such a strange case of fiction can emulate an even more modern reality.  It resonates and hits home with the human condition and the challenge faced in every segment of day to day life. 

Wow, now that’s deep.

Who knew it could actually translate to the football field?  To the blades of grass or artificial surface between the chalk lines of Navajo white (it’s an actual color—check your local paint store).

In the AFC West, a traditional powerhouse division, someone has apparently pulled the plug.  Or maybe they just keep flipping the switch.  Maybe, just maybe it’s Dr. Franken-sssssshhhhtttteeeeeen!

It’s bizarre the fallout of the few wins and many losses inside the division has been down-right creepy.

None the less for ware, there has become one personality that appears to have a duality unlike most of his cohorts of the midway.   On one side he’s known as Dr. Jaykyll, a master understudy to the Denver media darling known simply as: The Mastermind, himself.

He’s the definition of the New World Man!

“He’s a writer, an arranger, and a young boy bearing arms!”  -Neil Peart drummer / lyrist for RUSH

Watching Dr. Jaykyll in action is like watching the sunrise, it’s a sight to see.  For Broncos fans, it’s the second coming.

“It's action—reaction—random interaction—

The NFL defenses are all afraid of Dr. Jaykyll’s arm

So get out there and rock and roll the bones!”  -Thanks again Neil for the collaboration circa RTB

Dr. Jaykyll can kill defenses, dash playoff hopes, and knockoff future head coaching dreams with just one shot from the young gunslinger.  Calmly he’ll walk off the field or gallop as if into the sunset in some spaghetti western.  Man it’s just a good time feeling.

Watching Mr. Cutler can make the best of fans hide (pun intended).  In a musical sense it’s like turning the radio station from the progressive intensity of RUSH to the down and out ballads of the Eagles.

“All alone at the end of the evening

As the bright lights have faded to blue” -Thanks to the Eagles

Call the truth a liar, go ahead.  At times when the great Dr. Jaykyll has imploded to the depths of Mr. Cutler he finds himself isolated like a man on the moon from Timbuktu. It’s a very strange case of chained events indeed.

The Broncos are in the fight for their playoff lives and they seem to lay eggs as often as they pull the rabbits out of the hat. 

There are some real tells within the stats department of Dr. Jaykyll and Mr. Cutler.

Dr. Jaykyll completes a blistering 66% of his passes.  Mr. Cutler connects on a cooler 55% of his passes.

Dr. Jaykyll averages two touchdowns and one pick, while Mr. Cutler averages two picks and one touchdown.

Dr. Jaykyll averages 23-35 for 301 yards.  Mr. Cutler 21-39 for 246 yards.

Dr. Jaykyll’s team averages 31 points on offense while yielding 24 points per game.

Mr. Cutler’s team averages 14 points on offense while yielding 31 points per game.

When Dr. Jaykyll’s good he’s nearly perfect.

When Mr. Cutler’s bad he’s horrific.

Truth be told, it’s not just Jay Cutler’s fault.  It’s well known the current Broncos defense has given more land away than Mexico during the Louisiana Purchase.  So it’s no wonder the Broncos offense has been put in such a bad position, and yet the turnovers from that same offense has turned Dr. Jaykyll into Mr. Cutler.  It’s a nightmare to watch.

This weekend brings another meeting between Dr. Jaykyll and Dr. Feelgood (Brett “the Jet” Favre) in a meeting at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. 

It’s enough to make Fletch live again! 

“Doctor,” “Doctor,” “Doctor,” “Doctor,” “Doctor,” “Doctor,”

So until tomorrow’s preview, here are the telling stat’s thus far on Dr. Jaykyll and Mr. Cutler’s season.



J. Cutler 16/24 300 2 0   @ Oakland                    41-14    

J. Cutler 36/50 350 4 1   vs San Diego                39-38    

J. Cutler 21/34 264 2 1   vs  New Orleans            34-32    

J. Cutler 23/34 227 1 0   vs  Tampa Bay              16-13    

J. Cutler 24/42 447 3 1   @ Cleveland                 34-30    

J. Cutler 19/27 216 1 0   @ Atlanta                      24-20

Totals:  139-211-1804 -13-3        Completion Rate 66%

Avg:        23-35-301-2-1


J. Cutler 29/49 361 1 2   @ Kansas City              19-33

J. Cutler 21/37 192 2 1   vs  Jacksonville             17-24

J. Cutler 17/26 168 1 2   @ New England            7-41

J. Cutler 24/46 307 2 3   vs  Miami                      17-26

J. Cutler 16/37 204 0 1   vs Oakland                    10-31

Totals:  107-195-1232-6-9           Completion Rate 55%

Avg:         21-39-246-1-2


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