Manchester United: Have the Red Devils Already Wrapped Up the EPL Title?

HJ MaiCorrespondent IISeptember 23, 2011

Manchester United: Have the Red Devils Already Wrapped Up the EPL Title?

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    The following five reasons show why Manchester United cannot celebrate its 20th league championship yet.

    The season is just a little over five weeks old, and Manchester United seems to have already wrapped up the league title after a 3-1 win against Chelsea last Sunday.

    However, the EPL is far from being decided.

    Read here why.

33 Games Left

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    As mentioned in the introduction, the 2011-12 Premier League season is only a little over five weeks old, which means there are 33 more games for each team to play.

    This number equals a maximum of 99 points that a team could come up with if it would win all their remaining league games.

    I agree that this is highly unlikely, but it shows that Manchester United’s current two-point advantage over second-placed Manchester City is virtually worthless.


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    The previous slide explained that there are more than 30 league games left to play. This means it’s very likely that one or more United players may sustain injuries that could sideline them and disrupt the team’s harmony.

    Just imagine if Red Devils’ top goal scorer, Wayne Rooney, and assists leader, Ashley Young, sustained season-ending injuries.

    A season that promised to be highly successful could turn instantly into a disaster for Manchester United and manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

    In addition United not only has to play 33 more league games, they also have to play in the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup, which increases the risk of injuries even more.


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    If Manchester United proves to be as good as the first five games have demonstrated, then the other 19 EPL teams will have trouble to keep up with the defending champion.

    In order to close the gap with the Red Devils, other clubs will use the winter transfer window to improve to quality of their squads.

    If a team like Chelsea could land a world-class player who turns out to be the missing part in an already potent team, United’s lead could shrink very fast and finally disappear.

    To keep this from happening, the Red Devils also have to become active during the transfer window and hope that their acquisitions have the same effect on their team.

Manchester City

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    The 2011-12 EPL season could turn out to be the year of Manchester.

    It seems that Manchester is not only home to the league’s champion, Manchester United, but also (thanks to the money of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan) to the league's second best and richest team, Manchester City.

    City, who finished third last season and won the FA Cup, were able to make an already good team even better.

    During the offseason Manchester City acquired striker Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid, midfielder Samir Nasri from Arsenal and former United midfielder Owen Hargreaves. Nasri and Hargreaves give City’s midfield both more creativity and toughness.

    Striker Aguero, who has already scored eight goals, and teammate Edin Dzeko, who has bagged seven, might be the best striker duo in the whole league.

    Instead of looking at London for a title contender, Manchester United has to look at crosstown rival Manchester City as their biggest opponent. 

Best Team?

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    Despite the early stage of the season, Manchester United seems to be the clear favorite to win this year's EPL title.

    The Red Devils have the talent and the depth to overcome injuries and the pressure of other teams, like crosstown rival Manchester City.

    Sir Alex Ferguson has a squad that will most likely win the club’s 20th league champion and the 13th under his tenure.