Cleveland Browns: Gut Check Time!

Justin GravesContributor INovember 26, 2008

I can't even emphasizes how disappointed I am in how the Browns season has turned out.

I ask myself. "Am I that surprised"?

No! I'm not, last year was a fluke they won a lot of games that came down to the wire. This year, they were not  so lucky. The Browns also played some bad teams last year, this year they play some real contenders.

As it goes, they still lose the games the should win and they pull out victories over the Super Bowl champs. They possibly gave the Giants their only loss of the year. What happened to that team? I watched a team that was non existent until that game and that hasn't showed up once since.

Trying to understand this team is like trying to figure out the opposite sex. You can spend the rest of your life pondering it and never figure it out. Luckily for Browns fans, they only have to scratch their heads for 16 weeks.

The Browns had Pro Bowlers on this team and still managed to blow their season. Braylon Edwards  leads the league in dropped passes. Last year, he did as well but found a way to grab enough really important balls to get wins. I hope he enjoyed the Pro Bowl; you can bet he will never get another vote to get in again.

Derek Anderson was also in, he was a gun slinger with 29 touchdown passes. Now he is a backup quarterback. That, to me, is a huge fall from grace, thanks for bringing shame to a team with QB disease. He will be lucky to keep even that job when the blowout '08 is all said and done.

The Cleveland Browns had way too many high expectations, this team cant get out of its own way. It's not like the teams who beat them are crushing them. The Browns are finding ways to lose games. They beat themselves and gift wrapped wins to teams who didn't deserve them.

How many draft pick did we give up to stack our D-line? How's that working out?

The Browns are still one of the worst run stopping teams in the NFL. The corners and safety's are not that good, but if they can't stop the run, they can't stop the pass. It's mind blowing some of the defensive packages I've seen this year. Here Mel Tucker, here is a idea, try blitzing a team once in a while.

So, we had a bad defense last year this year its worse. The offense kept us winning last year, and we all have seen how that did this year. I just don't get the play calling or the personal we use or don't use. This team has so many weapons, they just can't figure out when and were to use them.

I just have to wonder how long some of our best players are gonna fight for a team who is this inconsistent. How long will it be before they all demand trades, or get traded. Face facts, the Browns are a bad team. New coach, new GM, I'm not sure if it will help, I just can't imagine this team ever not breaking my heart.