WWE Divas Volume 3: The Five Hottest Divas of the PG Era

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WWE Divas Volume 3: The Five Hottest Divas of the PG Era

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    Divas have always been known more for being good-looking than for being professional wrestlers, despite the WWE trying to remove that stigma over recent years.

    Regardless, people will always appreciate how attractive the Divas in the WWE are.

    I will finish this series of “Hottest Divas” articles by looking at the Divas of this generation.

    The PG Era, as it is known, does not mean that the Divas don’t still dress sexily, as you will see in this slideshow.



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    Maryse just slipped on to the end of this list.

    Maryse, though she hasn’t been on mainstream WWE television since her run with Ted DiBiase, is still one of the main Divas of the PG era.

    She is the co-host of the popular WWE NXT, a big drop down from being a Divas Champion, but she is currently away from WWE, nursing an abdominal hernia.


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    Eve, a two time Divas Champion, is currently aligned with Kelly Kelly in their fight against the Divas of Doom.

    I would say her attractiveness is underrated, and I think she deserves this place on the list.

    If you still don’t believe me, just look at the picture.

Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly is hotter than most Divas, but nowhere near the top two.

    She has the looks of the stereotypical Diva.

    She is slim, blonde and has good assets.

    As annoying as I find her, there is no denying that she is extremely attractive.

    She is the current Divas Champion.


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    A one-time Divas Champion, Natalya gets a high place on my list.

    She is ridiculously attractive.

    Coming into the WWE as part of the Hart Foundation, she soon made a name for herself on her own competing in the Divas division.

    The highlight of her career includes a double sharpshooter, executed with excellence.

Beth Phoenix

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    No-one is more annoyed than me that Beth Phoenix did not whip Kelly’s behind (not literally) at Night of Champions for the WWE Divas Championship.

    She is a three-time Women’s Champion despite never holding the modernised Divas Championship.

    Beth Phoenix is the hottest Diva in the WWE now. In fact, she is the hottest there was, the hottest there is and the hottest there ever will be!

    She has the total package, stunning good looks, well built but not manly and she can wrestle.


I Hope You Have Enjoyed the Series!

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    I hope you enjoyed this look at the hottest Divas from each era.

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