Spread-Option-Guru Mike Sanford Available? Florida, LSU, USC, NFL are Watching

Joe BuckeyeCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

The Las Vegas Sun reports that UNLV head coach Mike Sanford and his AD may be at an impasse on the '09 season. This will come as great news to all the programs creating short-lists for coaching jobs that are soon to be vacant.

Sanford may walk away from UNLV unless his head coaching contract is extended. The grapevine has it that he is being considered as offensive coordinator by many big-time programs who could match or better his current compensation.

Sanford helped develop the hottest offense in college football...the Spread Option. He was the OC at Utah while Urban Meyer was head coach. Many believe that Sanford's Utah version of the spread was the best of 'em all. The last three national champions ran the spread, and in all likelihood this year's national champion will boast a spread offense as well.

LSU, USC, Auburn, Notre Dame, and others have had disappointing offensive production of late. I'm predicting that Sanford will leave UNLV and will land a high profile OC position.

Florida may lose Dan Mullen to a head coaching opportunity. If so, Sanford would be a brilliant choice as the new OC. For those of you who saw Sanford's Utah Spread, imagine what he could do with the wealth of talent in G'ville.

With Tebow soon to be in the NFL draft, and the Spread proving itself in the toughest BCS conferences, the Spread-Option may become the main attraction at an NFL franchise near you... Sanford (who has had some NFL coaching experience) will be high on any NFL short-list of Spread OC's.