Alec Baldwin Gets P'd Off at John Krasinski in New Era Yankees-Red Sox Ad

Adam HirshfieldFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2011

The latest John Krasinski-Alec Baldwin, Red Sox-Yankees New Era commercial is about to drop. It takes the rivalry—and the craziness inherent in it—to the next level.

And that’s saying a lot given their history.

It begins with Krasinski (Jim Halpert from The Office) sitting next to friend/adversary Baldwin (he of many films—go watch The Hunt for Red October again…it’s still great!—and 30 Rock) in an apartment split in two by a painted white line, presumably to keep the Red Sox fan and Yankees fan separate while they’re watching a game on television between the bitter rivals.

Each side brings some opening jitters to the table as another classic Red Sox-Yankees game goes down to the wire in front of them. Krasinski admits that he’s so nervous his hands are actually sweating, and Baldwin retorts that he has to go to the bathroom so badly, he’s “doing irreparable damage to [his] kidneys right now.”

The Office star says that they can just pause the game, but Baldwin will have none of it:

“And what if the Yankees lose? It would be because I somehow jinxed it? I promise you… I will never go to the bathroom again.”

The two trade barbs—about the possible deportation of Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt, and about Baldwin’s goofy brothers—before…UH OH, a hit to center field, and a Red Sox player is rounding third and heading for home!

How does the play at the plate turn out?

Well, a bit damp.

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