Power Ranking WWE & TNA Top Superstars

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2011

The world of professional wrestling just isn't complete without a nice, long debate, and nothing gets people fired up like a power ranking. 

Cue Big Nasty and B/R Video, who have conspired—er—come together to give you Big Nasty's top 10 wrestlers this week from WWE and TNA. 

Coming off of the WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view and heading into TNA's biggest pay-per-view of the year, who made the cut in Nasty's mind? 

Did the surging Robert Roode crack the top ten on this loaded list? How has Dolph Ziggler's progression been, and where did it land him if anywhere? CM Punk seems to be cooling off, but how cold is the Straight Edge Star? Mark Henry was named the top heel by Big Nasty in a previous list, but did he have the best week ever? Or did Matt Hardy make a surprising leap to the top of the list? Just making sure you're paying attention. 

The time for talk is over. Watch, learn and follow Big Nasty on Twitter @ThisIsNasty to continue the debate!

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