5 Ways the New York Giants Can Beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday

Jeff ShullAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2011

5 Ways the New York Giants Can Beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday

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    The New York Giants travel to Philadelphia this weekend to take on the Eagles. With both teams at 1-1, they are looking to get a leg up in the divisional race and avoid falling below .500.

    The Eagles have looked good in both of their games. They dismantled the Rams 31-13 in Week 1, and lost a nail-biter to the Atlanta Falcons on the road this past Sunday night.

    They were ahead 31-21 when Michael Vick took a big hit and crashed into his own player's helmet. It looked pretty bad and Vick suffered a concussion, so Mike Kafka trotted out for his first NFL action.

    He actually played better than anyone could have expected, but it wasn't enough as the Falcons scored 14 unanswered, and Jeremy Maclin dropped a fourth down pass in the final minutes to seal the deal.

    On the flip side, the Giants have looked like anything but a talented football team, despite beating the Rams this Monday. In essence, the Giants got pretty lucky that the Rams beat themselves, but at the same time the Giants did capitalize on those mistakes so they deserve some credit.

    Still, the offense has been a huge issue thus far, and with the electrifying Eagles offense the Giants will struggle to keep up on the scoreboard.

    Not to mention how awful the secondary has been; DeSean Jackson and Maclin are licking their chops to get a piece of Aaron Ross.

    So, while I give the Giants little chance to pull off the upset, there are ways they can win the game.

    Disclaimer: This article contains satire. 

Michael Vick Doesn't Play

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    What better way to increase your chances of winning then to have the opposing team's best offensive player watching from the bench?

    The Giants have all said they don't want the Eagles to have any excuses "when they win," but I bet secretly they are hoping Mike Kafka plays.

    (Michael Vick was cleared to play Sunday a few hours after I wrote this, do with that what you will)

The Giants Find Their Running Game Some Time This Week

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    Apparently, the Giants running game hasn't figured out that the season has started, because it's been absent in the first two games of the year.

    The Eagles have given up over 100 yards in their first two games on the ground, and the best way to beat them (with or without Vick) is to keep that offense off the field.

    They switched up Casey Matthews and Jamar Chaney to help the run defense, so we'll see just how much of a difference that makes.

    Or not—the Giants have averaged 3.3 yards per carry so far this season.

Eli Manning Channels His Inner Peyton Manning

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    There is no secret that Eli Manning has struggled mightily so far this season, prompting many to believe he hasn't been himself so far.

    So if he's someone else, can he try and channel his brother this Sunday?

    Eli has had some of his best games against the Eagles, and especially in their stadium. If he has one of those big games again, it gives the Giants a much better chance to win.

    He's riding some momentum after the second half of the Rams game, but will it be enough? It will be if he has Peyton inside calling the shots!

Steve Smith, Realizing His Selfishness, Switches Jerseys Before Kickoff

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    Eli: "What the hell is going on?"

    Steve: "My hands are cold."

    Speaking of those wide receivers, one way for the Giants to win is if Steve Smith suddenly has a change of heart and demands a release from the Eagles, and in turn offers his salary to John Mara as an apologetic gesture and suits up for the Giants.

    Mario Manningham missed practice today, but it's not clear if he will start on Sunday. Come on Smith, you know you want to come back from the dark side!

    The Eagles have one of, if not the best cornerback trios in the NFL, so it will be a tough test for the Giants' young group of wide receivers if Manningham is out.

Why so Serious?

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    Alright Giants fans, let's get serious for a moment. Up until now you're probably upset with me that I didn't write an actual article describing how the Giants will beat the Eagles on Sunday. Frankly, I don't think it will happen unless Michael Vick is out.

    That said, these games have been close over the years, and despite the fact that the Eagles have a much better team on paper, this is a rivalry game and we should know that anything can happen.

    My real answer to how the Giants are to beat the Eagles is simple. Run the ball, milk the clock, don't turn it over, win the field position battle and hit big plays when they present themselves.

    The Giants haven't made too many big plays so far, with the one exception being a 68-yard bomb to Hakeem Nicks. The way the offense has been, they'll need plays like that to score points against the Eagles.

    Against the Rams they were at their best when the receivers were catching 20- and 30-yard passes which, to no one's surprise, only happened on their scoring drives.

    They also will need to feed the Eagles a steady dose of Bradshaw and Jacobs. I cannot believe how bad the Giants have been running the ball, but I also acknowledge that it's early in the season and there is room for improvement.

    Let's not forget the Giants struggled out of the gates last year as well—maybe this rivalry game is what they need to get it going.