Team Of The Moment: November 26th, 2008

Dan BentonCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

The team of the moment is the one that most makes your brain dart fervently around your skull; they intrigue you. A TOTM nominee can be great, surprisingly competent, terrible, or shockingly mediocre. But, they must be intriguing.


So much for the Texas Tech dream season.  So much for Graham Harrell for Heisman. 

Oklahoma's ridiculous offensive explosion on Saturday night puts them front and center for the time being. Oklahoma has re-staked their claim to the top of the college football mountain in the midwest. 

Even though the Sooners trail Texas in the BCS, the consensus is that they'll pass them by next week, and get the bid for the Big 12 championship game, and therefore the BCS title game. Sam Bradford is the Heisman winner if people voted today, and an apparent lock for a top five NFL draft pick. How would he look throwing passes in Kansas City, in the heart of Big 12 country? 


Operation purge continues. The Knicks high priced roster is getting emptied like Isaiah Thomas' stomach at the hospital (too soon?). Even though they're getting one of the all-time wage stealers in Tim Thomas, the removal of the Zach Randolph number from the books is magical. 

Plus, as we all are hearing all week long, it's about clearing cap space for a LeBron push in 2010. No matter what, there is a sense of direction and control under Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni that is undeniable and gratifying for fans. 

For the record, I still say that if LeBron doesn't stay home in Cleveland, he'll go to New Jersey and play with his boy Jay-Z.


Before the season, I said Brett Favre would have 15 interceptions before he reached 10 touchdowns. I was dead wrong, and not afraid to say it. 

With the win over Tennessee, the Jets can say they're the best team in the AFC, and get more agreement than argument. They've beaten the Pats and the Titans while the Colts are still jelling, the Steelers lose games they shouldn't, and the West is a landfill. 

Favre is an MVP candidate, and the Jets' fans in my life are insufferable. Please shut them up. They sure look like a team that hosts a playoff game at the moment.

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