Football's 25 Funniest Commercials Ever

Austin SchindelAnalyst IISeptember 25, 2011

Football's 25 Funniest Commercials Ever

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    During NFL games we are forced to watch an unbelievable number of commercials.

    Before the kickoff, after the kickoff and during timeouts are just a few of the reasons that the networks cut to ads for cars, beer and life insurance.

    Once in a while, though, you get a laugh-out-loud funny commercial that makes it all worth it.

    There are many good ones, and I'm sure I have forgotten quite a few, so feel free to add to the list.


25. Madden 12

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    Warning: Do not celebrate too early in a game of Madden, because you will get burned. Momentum changes quicker in a video game than real life.

    Video games are where real men settle the score. Madden is the game, and PlayStation controllers are the weapons of choice.

    Like always, the guy with the big mouth went down—hard.

24. Diet Pepsi

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    Ever wonder what the players are saying on the field or in the huddle?

    Wonder no more.

    Believe it or not, all they are hooting and hollering about is Diet Pepsi. Apparently, the touchdown celebrations, the coaches on the sideline and the line changes are all just one big Diet Pepsi advertisement.

    Hey, you learn something new every day.

23. Tony Romo, the Receptionist

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    A new career path for Romo?

    The Cowboys signal caller seems to have a real knack for answering phone calls and giving out messages.

    Okay, enough making fun of him.

    This is a great use of the quarterback wristband that seems to have thousands of plays written on it, though you would never know.

    It would also be a great place to record all of the day's notes and messages.

22. Madden 2005

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    Love is a beautiful thing.

    But then again, so is Madden...

    These are the decisions in life that are the hardest to make. However, when push comes to shove, video games will never let you down.

    This guy gave it all up for Madden 2005—and he doesn't even know what the future holds. It appears he will die alone.

21. Madden 12 with the Jets

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    This seems like one of the coolest hangouts around.

    On one side, you have Mark Sanchez in LaDainian Tomlinson's house with Nick Mangold and Dustin Keller waiting to get next.

    Of course, the Sanchize is boasting over an early touchdown in Tomlinson's house, on his couch, eating his food.

    And then—boom.

    Pick six, LT up top, game over.

    Game. Set. Match.

20. Ref Goes to the Bathroom

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    This embarrassing moment, usually reserved for women, happens to also be funny when it happens to men.

    Everyone hates when referees disappear to look at instant replay that everyone can see clearly one way or another. This is a great twist on what we all pray will happen one day after the referee emerges.

19. Romo Pepsi

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    This is Tony Romo's dream.

    He gets to be big enough that nobody can stop him (because normal size isn't working) and he runs all over.

    Apparently being really big is supposed to make us think about lemon-flavored Pepsi.

    The only reason I remember this witty commercial is because Brian Dawkins gets to level him.

18. Matt Ryan Has All the Answers

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    NFL play calls aren't so difficult to understand, right?

    When Matt Ryan breaks it down like that, I really hope that, at the very least, his teammates understand what he is talking about.

    I would have guessed that ESPN's network password would have been something like "I love Brett Favre" or "Bill Simmons."

17. Replay Guy

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    Nobody likes the guy who needs to praise himself with a replay following every big moment.

    For starters, it is just a video game, and you aren't cool for throwing a bomb down the field or tiptoeing down the sidelines.

    Even if you are playing the classiest person alive, the second they score, there is going to be a group celebration followed by chest bumps, high fives and—you guessed it—the replay.

16. Peyton Hillis Smack Talk

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    Peyton Hillis, the Madden 12 cover man, is here with some inspirational words for the most important woman in the world—your mother.

    She deserves a son who is good at Madden, and because you are not, Hillis is here to comfort her.

    With that being said, go to the store, pick up the game and get great at it, or Peyton Hillis is going to come to your house and hit on your mom.

15. ESPN Fantasy Football

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    There is no reason to ever skip out on a season and/or draft during fantasy football time.

    It is great to see that the lockout didn't stop this group of lovable losers (emphasis on losers) from joining together and making the season happen.

    I know I am one of these losers, and I can very much sympathize with their near-pain of not having a season.

    Thank you, fantasy football gods.

14. Fantasy Revenge

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    Where is the line drawn between fantasy and reality?

    I can tell you that it is pretty thin and getting thinner.

    Betting is no longer for the people who are willing to put a lot of money on the line each week. Fantasy football players, even if they are not playing for money, want to win.

    If I were a professional and I had a bad fantasy week, I wouldn't leave the house unless for absolute emergencies. 

13. Terry Tate

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    Okay, so Terry Tate is not an actual NFL star, but I don't know how the guy does not have a contract yet.

    He hits hard, strikes fear into his coworkers' minds and can really shake things up on a struggling team.

    With all that being said, there is nothing funnier than seeing someone get lit up by Tate for not putting a cover sheet on their report or forgetting to refill the coffee pot.

    Maybe he should just stay in the private sector.

12. Diet Pepsi Max

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    During the Wade Phillips era, this what it was like every time a play came in from the offensive coordinator.

    You got general misunderstanding, miscommunication and the resulting bad play that came with it.

    It is nice to see that the Dallas Cowboys have a sense of humor—that is, unless this footage is taken from an actual game. I wouldn't put it past them.

11. The Mascot

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    For what it is worth, I thought the fake mascot plan was genius.

    Football jerseys are expensive, and if you want something game-worn, forget about it.

    At least when Philadelphia officially wants to change the team name to the Philadelphia Kangaroos, it has a mascot outfit ready.

10. Jared Allen Smack Talk

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    Jared Allen is one of the most entertaining players in the league.

    He has taught us how to properly celebrate a sack, he has been featured on hunting shows and now he is passing his wise words of wisdom on how to tweet.

    @Mark_Sanchez, look out!

    Trash talk is back.

9. He's Coming Back!

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    We got to the point of the Brett Favre saga where we were on a need-to-know basis.

    ESPN had a little fun with its obsession for the story by creating an innovative system of letting the world know his decision.

    Unfortunately, it didn't seem that the SportsCenter anchors knew which signal meant what.

8. Troy Polamalu

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    Don't EVER take something from Troy Polamalu unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences.

    This spoof of the original Mean Joe Greene Super Bowl commercial is hilarious for both its execution and history surrounding the ad.

    This is definitely one of the best football commercials in quite some time.

7. Be at the Draft!

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    We have already learned the importance of being present at the draft, wedding or not.

    This scenario appears even less acceptable.

    Riding in the back seat of the car, with your daughter feeding you fantasy football advice, you make pick after pick of players who have already been selected.

    Lesson learned: You must be at the draft, or else you'll be stuck with a team full of kickers.

6. Mike Ditka for Coors Light

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    We have all seen the Coors Light commercials featuring some of the best sound bites from NFL coaches past and present.

    This is an awesome compilation of some of the best Mike Ditka sound clips. He was a coach who rarely pulled punches, and when set to the backdrop of ridiculous press conference questions, things get pretty funny.

5. Never Miss a Draft

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    There is no excuse to miss the biggest day of the year: fantasy football draft day.

    Christmas morning, Thanksgiving meal and New Year's Eve all fall short of the most important date on the calendar.

    If you miss it, prepare to be ostracized and treated as the outsider that you are.

    Find a wife who understands the magnitude of the this day, and hold on to her forever.

4. The Barber Brothers

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    You have to assume that they have faced situations like this in the past.

    Okay, maybe it wasn't to this extreme, but confusing the two is not very difficult.

    Nowadays, the only way to tell them apart is to look on the field.

    Ronde is still playing out the remaining days of his career, while Tiki stomps his feet on the sideline asking for a job.

    Too soon?

3. Is It Monday Yet?

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    Monday during the day could be the most brutal part of the week. You go back to work and sit through boring meetings, doing monotonous tasks until 5:00 rolls around.

    The best part? Monday Night Football and the chance to either revive your fantasy week or just watch football before its oh-too-long six-day hiatus.

    It has us saying, "Is it Monday yet?"

2. The Seattle Seahawks Offense

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    When a coach tells his players to relax and stay calm during the game, I think he means just play within yourself and don't let the pressure get to you.

    One batch of muscle relaxant Gatorade later, and you have a team of players that won't let a thing bother them.

    Though a gross exaggeration, this commercial is a hilarious take on what it looks like when the Seahawks break the huddle.

1. T.J. Who's-Your-Mama

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    Fantasy Rule No. 17: Always know how to pronounce your draft picks.

    A truer statement has never been said.

    At least he has enough sense at the end to turn it into a complete mockery and call him "T.J. Who's Your Mama."

    This is a cardinal sin of fantasy sports and should be punishable by loss of draft pick and a public scolding from everyone in the league.