The 2008-09 Cleveland Browns: It Was Meant To Be

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008


It was meant to be. 

The stars had aligned over Cleveland Browns Stadium, and this was going to be the year the Browns brought joy back to the lives of football fans.

It started last season when the Browns went 10-6.  That was incredible, considering they were supposed to go 3-13 according to preseason ESPN predictions.

Charlie Fry started as quarterback, stunk, and was sent packing.  The first time in NFL history a starting quarterback started the first game of the season and was traded before week two.

Derek Anderson.  I know what your saying, Derek who?  Right, right, that kid from that college.  Yes, Derek Anderson came in and threw touchdowns.  He threw lots and lots of touchdowns.  And more importantly, he won games.

Braylon Edwards could catch anything.  This guy looked amazing.  Anything that was thrown within 20 feet of him he somehow pulled in and usually ran for a good distance after the catch.

Joshua Cribbs returned punt after punt to the end zone.  Good work Special Teams.

Now to the summer of 2008.

There is this thing; some of you may have heard of it, it is called the World Cup.  It is the worldwide championship for soccer or ‘futbol’ as it is called everywhere else.

Spain won.  The last time they did that was 1964.

Not ringing any bells?

1964 was the last time Cleveland won a football championship—that was before the Super Bowl.

Sports writers and analysts were counting us IN.  Not just as a nice little team, but as playoff and possibly a Super Bowl contending team.  Even that guy from Dallas, yes Dallas, said that Cleveland was going to the Super Bowl this year.

It was meant to be.

Oh the difference a year makes.