Don't Blame the BCS for the Jumble in the Big 12 South

Andrew MasonCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

Everyone is complaining that with the tie in the Big 12 South, this is a reason the BCS needs to go and a playoff needs to be established.  THAT IS 100% WRONG!

Lets review the rankings real quick.

1. Alabama

2. Texas

3. Oklahoma

4. Florida

5. USC

6. Utah

7. Texas Tech

We can establish that 'Bama or Florida will be knocked out in the SEC title game.  Now let's assume just for arguments sake that Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech win out and finish tied for Big 12 South. 

How does this become the BCS's fault?  Was it the BCS's fault that the three of them all beat each other and, therefore, tied for the league lead?


People are just looking for any excuse to get rid of the BCS, and it is getting to the point of sheer insanity.

There is absolutely no one who could have predicted this.  Going into the year, it was supposed to be Oklahoma and Texas as the two best teams that would decide the South Division in the Red River Rivalry, and that was it.  No one was supposed to be close.

That is until Tech came and crashed the party, creating this mess in the Big 12 South.

Well, what do you want the BCS to do about this? 

The BCS just picks the teams on a combination of rankings and ratings and selects the best two for the national championship game. 

Is it perfect? Not even close.  Are the polls flawed? Absolutely, but that is what you get when you have humans vote who clearly show bias, and have computers factor in different things.

Now, if maybe this was, say, the Pac-10, and USC, Oregon State, and Oregon all beat each other and all had the same record, then you can have the argument.  But the fact that this argument is taking place before the Big 12 Championship is just absurd, people.

This will come down to the whatever Big 12 tiebreakers are currently in place, and they will decide who comes out of the Big 12 South to face the North champion, Missouri.

But, for once, you cannot blame the BCS!

Stop looking for excuses to get rid of the current system!