Yankees Ace of 2009 Will Be...

statboy yankophersonContributor INovember 25, 2008

Phil Hughes will step up and anchor the 2009 Yankees rotation.

In his last eight starts (between the AFL, international league, and two with the Yanks) Phil has a 2.45 era and almost 80 strikeouts in just over 50 innings.

Success that is not at the major league level can be discounted fairly easily in most cases.  Having a 2.45 era is one thing, but the strikeout ratio is alarming.

He is a for real bonafide ace. Hughes looks like he will be a perennial CY young candidate, and a future hall of famer.

Buy his jersey while the foolish keep giving up on him (that is whenever he actually decides between 34 and 65)

The regular season and the post season are two entirely different beasts. Whether Phil, Wang, Joba, or a free agent addition lead the Yanks during the regular season, I think we all know who their post season ace is. Andy Pettitte.

The Yankees will have a good enough rotation to get to and succeed in the playoffs next year without any new additions.






Looks like a pretty solid rotation to me. 

Ideally the Yanks sign one free agent and start Kennedy at triple A.

CC should follow his heart and go out west.

The Yanks just need to sign a Ben Sheets type player and they will be fine






and Ian at Triple A is a dominant rotation.

Philip Hughes will prove the doubters wrong.

BTW, the yanks offense will be much better next year without any additions too.  A-rod, Jeter, Swisher, Cano, Posada, and Matsui are likely to improve; while only Damon and Nady are likely to regress.

I think the Yankees are in a better situation than everyone is giving them credit for.

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