Leadership Finally Arrives To The Rams

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent INovember 25, 2008

For those of us followed the Rams in LA, and then in St Louis, have to be greatful for one thing, leadership.  Well, this past couple of weeks, you got it.  Jim Haslett gave his support to Bulger, then he gave a fiery speech to the team, and he warned Igonito. Even Chip Rosenbloom wayed in when he made no coment on Haslett's future. Over the last twenty some years has this ever happen?

In the last twenty years, they expected us to drink the kool-aid and accept everything as being alright.  When the Ram could not win in LA, they remained silent. This team needed a runnigback and got two in Marcus Dubree and Curtiss Warner.  They were trying to make a comeback after knee injuries and failed.

Then they tried to sell on the Greatest Show on Surf.  Those who really knew this could see through this facade. I call a band-aid over a bleeding wound.  They ran up the score because they had no defense.

This team can win because they proved that fact against Washington and Dallas. They came close to beating New England.  This happened under Haslett. Leadership has come.