Maple Leafs-Senators: Struggling Leafs get a Win Over Ottawa

AndrewCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2008

After struggling for the past few games, the Toronto Maple Leafs were able to win in "the battle of Ontario" Saturday night, as they hosted the Ottawa Senators at the ACC.

It was a great performance by the Leafs despite having injured players. The called up Marlies and the young skaters worked well with the veteran players and were able to form strong lines.

Forward Jiri Tlusty did especially well, as he was able to showed off his excellent stick handle skills, moved the puck around, and even got himself a goal.

Robbie Earl was also a great success, no doubt about it. His speed was incredible, and the way he moved the puck and tried to set up plays was better than what you would see from some other Leafs.

Mats Sundin also put in his part as he kept the puck away from the Sens. He used his body to his advantage and was able to mantain posession of the puck.

I liked the fact that the Leafs stayed out of the penalty box and benefited from by the end of the game.

Overall, I think the Leafs did pretty good on Saturday, and I hope to see how they play on Tuesday againts the Panthers.