30 Athletes We Despise for Really Dumb Reasons

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30 Athletes We Despise for Really Dumb Reasons
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We've all known somebody who we wanted to like but couldn't for some reason. They're probably a person whose company you generally enjoy, but they have one stinking flaw that supersedes all of their positive qualities, try as you might to ignore it.

Maybe they smack their lips while they eat. Maybe they interject a personal experience into every conversation. Maybe they are a close-talker.

Thus is the case with the 30 following athletes. Even though most of them are excellent players and seemingly good people, something about their game or personality annoys the masses to no end. Though they should be beloved, they are often decried or, at the very least, made into polarizing figures.

(Note: Dog fighting, steroid use, repeatedly cheating on your wife and committing crimes are all fair and understandable reasons for disliking an athlete. Keep that in mind as you click through this list.)

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