Jimmie Johnson's Title Hopes Rise

Michael VoyerSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008

If you haven't heard the news then your living under a rock, Jimmie Johnson and the 48 team have won their third straight championship, defeating Carl Edwards and what seemed to be a Kyle Busch season. Kyle won eight races before the first four races in the "Race For The Chase" ruined any shot he had to take the championship.

The two stars who rose to the occasion were the champion Jimmie Johnson and runner up and winner of Homestead Carl Edwards.  Jimmie who won seven races all season topped the winnest driver this year Edwards with nine wins.

Jimmie has made a tie between him and Cale Yarborough who did his championships 1976-1978. But honestly can we compare the two men, I personally think not, if you look at it when Cale won NASCAR had a different points system and different cars not to metion different drivers.

And now with Jimmie whose a great driver, but honestly I don't think Jimmie would have won this years title with out the race for the chase. I personally believe that even though Kyle messed up he still built a good enough lead to win the title, the last real champion; Matt Kenseth in 2003, and I'm a Robby Gordon fan so I'm not being bitter here.

Now Jimmie has the three titles that raises the question can he make it a fourth, obviously the answer is yes but the question should be will he, he's already made it this far it would hurt everybody to see him go down as a man who tied and not defeated.