Panthers-Packers: NFL Game Of The Week

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 25, 2008

When looking at the Packers and the Panthers, both of these teams would love to win this game. It would help their respective playoff chances and show the other teams they are here to win.

The problem is, both teams are coming off big losses.

Atlanta shot down any chance of a Carolina fourth quarter come back, winning the game 45-28.

On the other side, Green Bay lost a need to win game on Monday night by a big sum, 51-29.

Green Bay is sliding. After a good start at 4-3, the bye week must have not gone well. Since that week, they have gone 1-3. Thankfully, that one was a huge one over Chicago, 37-3.

The Carolina Panthers were flying high, winning four straight games before Sunday's lost. They looked to be an automatic for the playoffs, until the loss Sunday and the win by the Buccaneers. Now, the Panthers need to jump back to the top.

The Green Bay Packers were a question coming into the season. They started strong and then went right back to being a question mark.

Still, at 5-6 they are only one game behind in their division. The problem is the rest of the division is still there. The Vikings and the Bears are both at 6-5, and both have looked quite strong.

Aaron Rodgers is good. Favre, who? Aaron knows how to throw the long bomb, and has 17 touchdowns with nine interceptions.

Still, in the last three games he has had four touchdowns and four interceptions. Those haven't helped his stats. Neither did his six sacks in the last three games.

That hasn't looked good on paper, especially because those four sacks in the Minnesota was a big part of their close loss.

The Carolina secondary has been impressive, at least. Players like Chris Gamble make this team a threat to quarterbacks who let just under 200 yards per game. Too bad Matt Ryan burnt them last week for 259 yards. Aaron has the potential to burn them, but I have a feeling they won't.

The sad thing? Even CULPEPPER got over 200 yards! CULPEPPER! Aaron will have a good day, including 250 yards and two touchdowns.

Jake Delhomme has been...solid. He's had an okay season—12 touchdowns and nine interceptions. The rating is much worse than Rodgers, but its still decent. With a receiver like Steve Smith he should be able to dominant. Let's face it, he is getting old.

The Green Bay secondary is ranked sixth in the league, giving 189 yards per game.

Why wouldn't it be good? The veteran backs have always been known to hit the other quarterback in the balls (figuratively).

Delhomme has a slow, boring day with not a lot of throwing going. He gets 150 yards and one touchdown (if he's lucky).

Ryan Grant was the secret of last year, now he is just boring. He averages 3.9 yards per carry, but in the on Monday night he only got 67 yards. Every week, there is a different Ryan Grant that comes to the field.

But look at the numbers. He and Aaron Rodgers average the same amount of yards per carry. That should never happen.

The Carolina running defense got blown up last weekend by Michael Turner when he got 117 yards that game and four touchdowns! That's ugly. They give over 100 yard per game and ranked 17th.

Still, I just don't see Ryan Grant having a huge day. I'll give him 75 yards.

DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart make a solid duo for the running game. DeAngelo is the main runner, averaging over five yards per game, while Stewart has a 4.3 average.

Williams got to a slow start, but now has had five straight 100 yard games (including five touchdowns in those games). Not to mention, prior from last week he had two straight games with over seven yard averages!

Stewart had a 100 yard game the week before, but has had none other than that. Against Atlanta? Only 15 yards. Still, he is a solid runner. He won't have a huge impact in this game, maybe he gets 40 yards.

The Green Bay running defense is weak. They rank 26th in the league and can't hold anyone back. DeAngelo has a 150 yard game, maybe more!

Its time to make the pick.

Game Score: Green Bay: 31     Carolina: 30

I am taking a risk with this one! I just don't know, but my own words above have showed me the Packers.

Weekend Picks:

Tennessee: 35    Detroit: 13        Oh COME ON! This is on Thanksgiving?

Dallas: 31         Seattle: 21      Dallas is on a roll!

Arizona: 24         Philadelphia:20     Its tough, but Arizona is a good team.

Buffalo: 20      San Fransisco: 14     San Fran is awful.

Baltimore: 35       Cincinatti: 20        Flacco is my...nothing rhymes with Flacco.

Indianapolis: 27    Cleveland: 17         Indi is on a roll.

Miami: 24            St. Louis: 10            Hey, Miami isn't bad.

Tampa Bay: 30     New Orleans: 27         Will Garcia shine? You'll find out.

New York Giants: 28    Washington: 27     So close, not close enough.

Atlanta: 30           San Diego: 17         Matt Ryan: Rookie of the Year

New York Jets: 27     Denver: 21        Its a new team, these Jets.

Pittsburgh: 27            New England:20      A very good game, but Steelers win.

Kansas City: 20         Oakland: 14           For some reason I orginally wrote the wrong pick here, but KC and Thigpen haven't been half bad.

Minnesota: 21             Chicago: 17        Another close game.

Jacksonville: 21         Houston: 20     Houston has a chance!


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