Cam Newton and 4 Other Players Ripe for a Fantasy Football Letdown

Justin UseltonContributor ISeptember 21, 2011

Cam Newton and 4 Other Players Ripe for a Fantasy Football Letdown

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    At this point in the NFL season, fantasy die-hards have seen who has succeeded and failed them throughout two weeks. They've labeled each player and have their weekly "locks" in place.

    The lure of comfort is understandable, but finding success in the fantasy world isn't about complacency, it's about constant evaluation.

    There are several players on whom I'm just not buying the hype. Whether it's been inconsistency in the past, injuries or we simply haven't seen enough from them, here are the five players you should use with caution going forward in Week 3.

Kenny Britt

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    Kenny Britt is the one name I wasn't sure I wanted to put on this list, but alas, we all have to take chances.

    I just have a bad feeling about Britt.

    While he has clearly been dominant, Britt has struggled with injuries and multiple arrests in the past. I don't trust he can stay on the field for myriad reasons.

    Furthermore, I don't buy that the Titans can consistently throw the football. They have a tough upcoming schedule, and I don't look for Matt Hasselbeck to play well throughout much of it.

    In addition, Tennessee has to get Chris Johnson going at some point. Once Johnson does get rolling, look for the number of targets Britt sees to steadily decline.

    Britt will be covered by Champ Bailey this week, who limited him to three catches for 23 yards last season despite finding the end zone.

Cam Newton

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    A rookie can't keep throwing for 400 yards per game, can he?

    Newton, despite four interceptions in his first two games, has been an intriguing potential for fantasy play, but I would expect his play to level out.

    While some are already christening Newton as Jesus in cleats, I'm just not ready for that.

    NFL defensive coordinators learn quickly, and Newton will find it more difficult to put up monster statistics as coordinators have more tape on him.

    They will devise ways to make him uncomfortable, as is what happens with all rookie quarterbacks.

    While I think he will be an excellent pro and is showing the potential now, I think it's an overreaction to start looking at Newton as a weekly starter.

Steve Smith

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    Steve Smith is another player whom I just don't think I can trust.

    Smith is aging, has battled injuries and is completely dependent upon a rookie quarterback.

    Of course, Smith has played out of this world during the first two weeks, but who really thinks he can keep this up?

    I would hate to be the one that starts him the week it finally turns for him.

Fred Jackson

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    Fred Jackson is playing out of his mind right now, but I don't trust him or the Bills just yet.

    Jackson is the NFL's leading rusher after two weeks, but I expect that to change.

    The Bills, in their next seven games, face several formidable defenses in the Patriots, Eagles, Giants, Redskins, Jets and Cowboys. His only favorable match up is in two weeks against the Bengals.

    Jackson also faces the Chargers later in the season, as well as another divisional match up against both the Patriots and Jets.

    Jackson is a good back and I'm not saying you shouldn't start him, just be wary of match ups going forward with the Bills' No. 1 back.

Mike Tolbert

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    For some reason I can't fathom, Mike Tolbert continues to produce.

    Nothing about Tolbert impresses me too much. He's moderately fast, sort of pudgy and doesn't "wow" you with any particulars in his game.

    He has been highly productive, but mostly as a third-down back who sees goal line carries.

    Ryan Mathews seems to finally be figuring out how to be an NFL back, and the timing couldn't have been worse for Tolbert last week.

    Against the Patriots, Tolbert had just 10 yards on nine carries, though he did catches passes for 73 yards. Also, his late fumble cost the Chargers a chance to get back in the game.

    Mathews is the first-round pick and Tolbert is that "other guy who just plays well all the time." If Tolbert starts fumbling the football in key situations and can't be turned to in short yardage sets, the Chargers will be more than happy to let Mathews carry the load.