Tom Brady: Will He Fall to Dreaded Samson Syndrome?

April Wall@aprilmwallContributor IIISeptember 21, 2011

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

With Tom Brady well on his way to an outstanding season, thoughts turn to what makes him such an excellent quarterback. Is it his great delivery and control? His unbelievable game management? Or is it his luscious locks? You heard me right. I threw his hair into the mix of possible characteristics that make him an amazing quarterback. On the eve of Fall and the Halloween season, let's take a look at the more magical side of Tom Brady's abilities.

It is well documented that Tom Brady has taken heat from fans, teammates and the media alike regarding his Pantene perfect hair. But what if his long mane is the source of his football prowess? If Tom Brady were to cut his hair, would his ability disappear? Would he succumb to the Samson Syndrome?

What is the Samson Syndrome you ask? Well, it's a phrase I coined in reference to the famous Samson of the Bible. For those of you rusty on your Bible stories, Samson was a man of great strength divinely blessed by God who with his bare hands ripped apart a lion, and then later destroyed a temple by pulling its pillars down (again just using his hands).  

All of his strength, however, was not in his biceps or abs, it was contained in his hair. Only after his hair was cut (tricked into it by a cunning woman named Delilah no less), did Samson lose all of his strength and eventually have his eyes gouged out. But I digress.

Let's take Tom Brady out of the great hair=great QB equation for a moment. What about other legendary NFL quarterbacks? I'd argue if you look back at the best quarterbacks of all time, there'd be great hair to match. Let's name a few shall we? Joe Namath. Sure Broadway Joe had great gams (Google Joe and pantyhose), but he also had a great head of hair.  

Here's another, Troy Aikman.  His hair has withstood the test of time and transitioned nicely even into anchorman hair. And what about the great Johnny Unitas and his buzz cut of power? The list could go on and on.

So what of Tom Brady's career if he were to mistakenly cut his hair? Sure, he'd stop being mistaken for a hot chick and yes, maybe he'd command as much respect off the field as on, but would any of that matter if his ability to play amazing football were gone?  

It was Elvis Presley who said, "Samson told Delilah loud and clear, keep your cotton-picking fingers out my curly hair" and if it was good enough for the King, then it's good enough for me. Here's hoping with the way Mr. Brady's playing so far this year, he heeds my warning and keeps those locks under lock and key.